HFS Dateisystem Einstellungen

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IsoBuster - HFS Dateisystem Einstellungen

Resource Forks

List Resource Forks as separate files : You can set IsoBuster to display all Resource forks as separate files.  
This way you get to see the start address of the Resource Fork, the length of the Resource Fork etc.

Add .[R] to the Resource Forks' names :  Because Resource Forks have the same file-name as the file they are associated with (The Data Fork), 
they cannot be extracted (copied) to a Windows system in the same folder, as Windows does not accept two files with the same name in one folder.  
To be able to work around that easily and to be able to extract all files of one folder to a Windows system folder, you can have IsoBuster add an .[R] 
extension to the file name, to give the name a unique character.

Extracting Resource Forks as seperate files is basically not needed for anything except for engineering purposes.
E.g. to be able to inspect the content and properties (e.g. size) of the Resource Fork; for designers, developers, engineers or technical people.
IsoBuster transparantly takes care of what to extract to a Windows system, in case the file has Mac Properties, so that the file is usable on the 
Windows system.  When you decide to extract files as MacBinary files, all Mac content is preserved, so that files can be exchanged on non 
Mac systems but when they are taken to a Mac System, Mac is able to re-create the two Forks and special Mac properties.  MacBinary files 
are not understood by Windows, so can generally not be opened with any software, yet they are ideal for exchange purposes when files 
eventually need to end up on Mac systems again.

Convert to MacBinary

Extract files with Mac properties as MacBinary files : Click here for an explanation.

Scan options (normal mounting of discs)