De camino hacia la ESWC

Noviembre 02, 2007

Viajaremos hacia la ESWC, una conferencia de software a la que intentamos asistir todos los años. Siempre es placentero volver a reunirnos con los colegas y aprender sobre los más nuevos e importantes desarrollos en nuestro campo. La conferencia se celebra en Colonia este año, durante el fin de semana (3 y 4 de Noveiembre).

Como hemos mencionado anteriormente, IsoBuster ha sido nominado para el premio Epsilon por la ESWC.

Mientras tanto, la votación ya ha terminado y estamos muy agradecidos por su soporte. Una gran cantidad de personas han votado, y ahora es el momento de esperar los resultados. El ganador se anunciará el día 4 de Noviembre en Colonia.

Una agradable sorpresa ha sido que, además de conseguir sus votos, muchas personas nos han enviado sus comentarios alentadores. No podemos resistirnos a publicar aquí una selección de dichos mensajes (publicarlos todos sería demasiado):

¡ Gracia nuevamente!

Sus comentarios durante la votación:

Hello Peter. I have voted for the iso buster project... I hope you DO get to win the award, because i use the isobuster program regualarly... And it has helped me to recover valuable data. And in one case, precious photo's from a damaged disk, which were irreplacable... and which i could not obtain from a numerous amount of other recovery programs... (and i tried alot of them..!!) So i would really like to thank the team, or person who created it... It's a product that will remain dear to me, and one i will back 100% of the way... I will send in more votes, and i hope that you DO get to win the award... Thank you and good luck...

Danial King

Your iso buster got me out of trouble but more important is the willingness to help me later on. The unselfish way you helped was excellent, to have a good product is one thing, which a lot do have such as Iolo. but try to contact them or reslove a dilema is a differen kettle of fish, so thank you from Australia, by the Maltese Falcon.

Thomas Teuma

I was really delighted to be able to cast a vote for ISO Buster. What a brilliant programme! A few years back I lost all pictures of my sons degree graduation ceremony which had been copied to a CDR. No-one could help. I trawled various shops and local computer businesses but everyone said the disc was empty. Having previously gained an HNC in computer studies I knew that this could not be true and the pictures must be there somewhere. Various contacts were recruited to help. A friend with an HND concluded the disc was empty. A Professor of Computer Studies returned the same verdict. I then read a "small piece" in a photographic magazine mentioning ISO Buster. I found the site and downloaded the free version. Amazingly all my pictures reappeared as if by magic. I quickly registered the programme and retrieved my valuable pictures. Every one of them. What a brilliant programme! Worth every penny of the registration fee. Also I love the personal "down to earth" touch that you yourself put in to the management of the programme. Something that is sadly missing nowadays by so many large computer companies. Thank you once again. May you and ISO Buster continue to be successful.

Brian Woodcock

Just a note to let you know that you got my vote! Your program saved irreplaceable photographs for me. Good luck.

John Yuschock

Hi, I voted for Iso buster. I especially appreciated the kind help you gave me several times by e-mail to recover old photos I would have lost otherwise. Thank you, Sherilin, San Diego.

Sherilin Heise

Thanks, You saved me from an embarrassing moment. I was reloading a friends computer that she uses for a business. I backed up her data from a program that she uses to keep track of everything. When I went to put the data back on her computer her computer nor any of mine could read what was on that cd. I found your software on the internet and bought it. I was able to extract it from the cd and I reinstalled her data. Once again Thanks.

Glendon Flowers

My vote has been cast. I use Isobuster a lot to recover videos recorded on set top DVD recorders that have surface defects.

Brian Wattles

I have submitted my nomination for IsoButer to the ESWC award and must say that your software is indeed by far one that works and recovered my data from a spoilt DVD disc.

Steven Lam

I voted for ya. Good luck. ISO Buster helped save my sisters wedding video and I'll be sure she votes for you too. Thanks for a great product! Best of luck to you.

Trevor Farnum

I voted for your software just now! Your ISO buster really worked well for me. I was very happy with your product. Keep up the good work.

Steven W. Nicolet

Just wanted to let you know that you got my vote for the Epsilon award. Good luck! Have fun in Cologne!

Richard Graham

Glad to vote for IsoBuster to receive the Epsilon Award. It's been a lifesaver.

David Halpern

I voted for you... Good Luck on the 3 & 4th November, 2007 for the awards... I hope you win... your product is great!!

Shane James

I think you have a great program which performs superbly. I was saving some embroidery designs on a disk that I had which contained a lot of designs that I purchased in the past. Something went wrong with the burn and the disk became corrupt. Before I found Isobuster, I found another program which cost $10 more than Isobuster. It was very slow (spent all day trying to find and retrieve the files) and recovered most but not all of the designs on the corrupt disk. The next day, I searched the internet again and I found Isobuster. I ran a trial search of the disk. Isobuster found every design set on the desk in a matter of minutes! I immediately purchased the program and saved all of the design sets to disk. I completed all of search and save functions in about an hour or two! Needless to say, I am very pleased with your product and I think you deserve the Epsilon award. Good luck to you. I hope you win the Epsilon award! Oh by the way, Isobuster is very user-friendly, I did not have any problems using the software at all. To sum up Isobuster software, it's quick, easy, reliable and efficient! Oh, and let's not forget affordable!

Jane F. Johnson

Epsilon Voting ..Done.. My pleasure. Your product has given me a huge boost for the "toolbox" I use for OS deployments via BDD2007, SMS, Zenworks, WINPE, and BartPE. Breaking down and recreating co-workers, industry pros, and "others" OS build workflow processes quickly using ISObuster helps make me look smart. Any tool that gives me the appearance of being intelligent gets my vote. I haven't tried to use it to solve world hunger or to discover a cure for cancer but in my little world ISOBuster rox. Good luck


Have voted for you in the Epsilon awards. I think your product is excellent - would not use anything else.

Mark Haskell-Cooper

I have voted for IsoBuster. It is one of those pieces of software that I'm glad to say I don't have to use very often :-). But it has always got me out of trouble when. I've had damaged media, or media that cannot fully be read by standard apps for whatever reason. Thanks to IsoBuster, I've recovered audio files from CD-R media improperly finalised in CD recorders, and video files from DVD media suffering from crashes during writing or finalisation and subsequently being unmountable by the recording hardware or by the O/S of a PC. It is also amazingly efficient to extracting these types of file from physically damaged (scratched) discs. I've recommended IsoBuster many times in Usenet newsgroups and to associates, and will continue so to do. Good luck with the awards!

Peter Carbines

I voted! HOPE YOU WIN! Isobuster is GREAT!!! Easy to use and it WORKS!!!

Marci Blattenberger

I gladly voted for ISO-Buster. Good luck from Switzerland!

Marco Meyer

Just want to let you know that I voted for IsoBuster on the ESWC site. Good luck, you deserve to win for such a great piece of software.

Phill McMahon

Damn Tootin I voted. This is a great product Pete. My old art was imprisoned in Mac format until I found IsoBuster. Thanks again.

Bill Ladson

Done. It is a great product and well worth the money. I simply could not have done what I needed to do without it I know I haven't even begun to use all that it can do.

Rod Barnes

Excellent software, I've used it twice for myself and once for a winemaker friend who had lost access to several years of wine bottle label files on a CD - worked great all three times. Also, since I wouldn't charge the friend anything, he's going to give me a couple of bottles of his wine which has won Indiana State Fair awards out here in the Midwest. Not bad for an amateur winemaker.

Jim Wolford

I've voted for you, and your software on the ESWC site. Truly you derseve it. And thanks for your personal attention in the recent past... a happy owner of IsoBuster.

Alvin Douglas

I have just cast a vote for IsoBuster. Hope you win the Award. Best regards from Tokyo.

Peter Bellamy

Have casted my vote for Isobuster. Your Program has saved my bacon time and time again. Many thanks.

Richard Devlin

Your software permitted me to recover 5 years of photos of my daughter lost in a broken dvd, then I'm happy to support you so I have already vote for Isobuster, I wish you the win.

Lorella Milani

Pleased to vote for your product. With it I was able to recover 5 un-finalized cds filled with irreplaceable photos taken several years ago. The cd finalizing software is no longer available. Even the geeks at Geek Squad were unable to help. Thanks for your product. You deserve to win.

Thomas Moss