Sortie d'IsoBuster 1.7

8 Mars 2006

Smart Projects est fier de vous présenter:

IsoBuster 1.7 (Build

Cette version comprend:


  • Support for the Mac file-systems : HFS and HFS+.
  • Ability to automatically assign extensions if recognized (Mac doesn't work with extensions normally).
  • Ability to extract files to Binhex files (to maintain all Mac data in the file header; executed per file).
  • Stuffit expander for Mac (for instance) is able to recognize such files.
  • Binhex Extracted files get assigned the extension *.bin.
  • Mac but not Windows allowed file-names are converted during extraction.
  • Support for Mac *.DMG image files for optical media, but even for HD, Zip, Click, Jaz, Memory stick or other storage devices, provided they contain HFS(+).
  • New code in background to check for upgrades (faster and better).
  • Support for language-selected Help files. If a different language file, with correct name, is present in the Help folder, it becomes active when that language is selected.
  • Ability to specify the temp. folder that is used to temporary copy files to.
  • Ability to wait a number of seconds before a read is retried to be able to automate reading bad discs on certain older drives that need to cool down from time to time. (Set via options menu).
  • Support for Dual Layer DVD-R.


  • Under WinNT / 2K / XP, using SPTI as communication interface, now both drive letters (instead of only one) for one physical super-DVD drive are found and listed in IsoBuster. (Some) Super-DVD drives (featuring all formats) claim two drive letters in the system, one for normal CD/DVD access and one for drag & drop access to DVD-RAM. If only the latter was found by IsoBuster, normal DVDs could not be read by IsoBuster (because of a blocking device driver somewhere down in the driver chain).
  • Another workaround for the badly behaving ARTEC WRR-4848 drive (at least some firmware versions); IsoBuster would not see the content in case of formatted RW. media.
  • Inserting ID and Serial (hopefully) made easier by adding more filters that strip away email added stuff etc.
  • Long File-names for directories in the Rock Ridge file-system were not shown if the tree was built up using the PathTable (which is the default setting). The PathTable does not contain the long file-names. Now the long file-names (if present in the directory tables) are used instead for display in the ListView and during Extraction.
  • Empty DVD-R media was not always seen as such, if was recognized as CD, on certain newer multi-format DVD Writers due to the combination of multiple standards and the different possible interpretations.
  • Several smaller GUI and other improvements.
  • Penetrating or setting the DLA lock, when DLA is active, is not done anymore to avoid side-effects of which long start-up times are the most annoying ones.
  • The reason why this feature was built in in the first place is disappearing as newer versions of DLA don't require it anymore.
  • The ability to restore this setting still exists, contact Smart Projects to find out how.

Corrections de bugs:

  • Under WinNT / 2K / XP, using SPTI as communication interface, it was possible that one or more drives were not found IF there was a device on the bus that claimed the last Adaptor number (256 or 0xFF). For some bizarre reason there is at least one type zip drive out there that has this behaviour and which caused this problem to show.