Extract From - To

Starting from a Track, Session, Partition or CD / Device icon you can Extract From - To

A Window will pop up with the start address of the object you selected and a length of the object you selected.  However, you are free to manipulate the address and length as you like and so a powerful engineering tool is available.  Any sector at any location can be read (as long as the device allows it) and you can use multiple extraction methods on CD for this task.

To understand the Extraction Methods, please read : Extraction Options.

FYI (For Your Information) :
In the contents list (ListView on the righthand side) an LBA (Logical Block Address) is shown for each session, track partition and file.  This is the starting LBA of the object. LBAs are always relative to the entire disk, with zero as the start.  Suppose you want to extract a part of a file which shows LBA 1234. To get LBA 0 to 4 of this file (five blocks) you should extract LBA 1234 to 1238 from the track, session, or disk. Note the LBAs of the session and track are not used in this calculation.

When you extract from CD, Raw, you can wrap the extracted content in RIFF WAVE headers to make it a *.WAV file, even data from data tracks, should the drive wrongly report a data track instead of an audio track (e.g. on CD-i)

IsoBuster - Extract From - To