Generate a list of files with physical read errors

This option is available from the Recovered UDF File System icon : IsoBuster - Generate a list of files with physical read errorsIsoBuster - Generate a list of files with physical read errors  So only available after a "Find missing Files and Folders" action and when UDF recovery was enabled.

In fact this is done already automatically after the scan action if checked in the properties (default).

This option builds up a list of all files in erroneous sectors and is in fact identical to the option : Directory tree and file information / List files with read errors (in Edit Window) / Full Path

Special Note for Mac related content

Mac files often consist out of a data fork and a resource fork (see more here).  When these files are extracted to a FAT formatted drive, only the part useful for Windows users is extracted.  And hence only if that part is located in unreadable areas will the file be labeled as unreadable.  If in the options it is set to extract to a MacBinary file, or the file is extracted to an NTFS formatted drive, all parts of the file will be extracted, and in that case if any part of the file is located in an unreadable area the file will be labeled as unreadable.