IsoBuster 1.9.2 Beta released - Top choice CD & DVD data recovery tool

October 31, 2006

We released a new beta version today:

IsoBuster, soon to be version 2.0

This new version includes BD (Blu-Ray) and HD DVD support, but recognition of this media is still disabled in this particular version.

During implementation of BD and HD DVD several recognition and Track/Session routines needed to be rewritten. This Beta version is mainly to test these routines on CD and DVD, to see if nothing is broken. Mind you, a serious in-house test pre-ceeded this release, so we don't expect problems, but just to make sure. We appreciate if you test to see if CD and DVD media and all tracks and sessions are correctly found.

You can request a BD / HD DVD capable version: here Only do this when you have access to BD and/or HD DVD Drives and discs. Please mention brand and model of drive, and indicate what type discs you would be able to check.

Download this version here.