IsoBuster 5.1 Released!

December 12, 2022

IsoBuster 5.1 was released today.

As always, the list is long. Lots of improvements and several new features. This version is a logical successor to IsoBuster 5.0, further building on the new technology and improving a crisp display on new and future systems with high dpi screens, not to mention 64bit support. On top of that there are some really cool new engineering features to parse a FAT and show all the files it references without having to rely on FAT folder records that may have been corrupted. Obviously there's a lot more .. see below list for all the details:

Changes / New:

  • Ability to analyze a FAT (12, 16 or 32) and work out all the files it references without the need for a full media scan [Professional license or better]
  • Ability to try and figure out file extensions of files found via analyzing the FAT (via right mouse click "Try to find matching extensions")
  • Ability to try and figure out *.CHK files' true file extension (in FAT "FOUND.???" folders (e.g. "FOUND.000"), also via right mouse click)
  • Show NTFS Junctions and Symbolic links by applying a shortcut overlay icon, and by providing link information in the Properties dialog
  • Finding logical drives (drive letter volumes) is now default ON on modern systems (W10 and higher) after a clean install


  • Improved extraction dialog scaling when dragged to a different monitor
  • Improved search dialog scaling when dragged to a different monitor
  • Improved message dialog scaling when dragged to a different monitor
  • Improved properties dialog scaling when dragged to a different monitor
  • Improved options dialog scaling when dragged to a different monitor
  • Improved 'About' dialog to properly scale the image on all systems and for all dpi settings
  • Improved file-system icons for better scaling and to look crisp for all dpi settings
  • Improvements detecting raw (2352 bytes per block) generic CD images
  • Auto-open the MDS file when an MDF file is opened (and when the filename matches)
  • Creating an MD5 can now be done straight to file, or the result can be shown in the edit window
  • Workaround for an unknown 12 byte header in rare ISO/IMG files made by an unknown application
  • Improved FAT detection by double checking if it's not a BitLocker encrypted Partition
  • Improved MBR partition parsing by double checking if it's not an image of a BitLocker encrypted Partition
  • The level up, previous and next selection-history buttons now have a shortcut: Ctrl + Shift + (Arrow-up or Arrow-left or Arrow-right)
  • Remove "OpenWithProgids" entries again from the registry when disabling an extension because Windows 10/11 appears to use it as backup, which defeats the purpose of disabling the association
  • Get the proper size for logical drives (Volumes) instead of the physical drive's size the Partition/Volume is on
  • Changed a logical drive's name to reflect on what physical drive the volume is located
  • Option to clear an optical disc drive's content after the eject button is clicked
  • Option to change how the media/cd/hdd/.. filename for an image file is formed
  • Stay with font size 9 when the screen dpi > 100% (e.g. 150%) (revert 5.0 change (in case of higher dpi))
  • Show speed when extracting (or cloning) Media Segments
  • Draw a line between different types of devices, Optical vs HDD (Physical) vs HDD (Logical) vs Image Files
  • Display up to 6 digits behind the comma when showing the percentage of bad sectors, so that only a few errors on larger volumes still produce a value different from 100%, e.g. 99.999999 %
  • Ability to launch the Edit Window with the contents of all tabs in the Properties dialog
  • Updated libwim-15.dll to version 1.13.6
  • Plenty of other tweaks and improvements


  • Fixed a 64 bit instability (and program shut down) that could happen on certain systems. If your version runs fine, this doesn't affect you
  • Fixed an unexpected shut down while parsing certain FAT file systems
  • Fixed parsing CloneCD *.ccd image files using the 64bit version (it was not a problem with the 32 bit version)
  • Fixed creating an MD5 file of CUE + ISO combinations. Only the CUE's MD5 would be recorded in the file
  • Fixed building an error list for media with some read errors at the end (sometimes the range started incorrectly at address 0)
  • Fixed NTFS hard links' file-naming (which could be off, depending on the order of filenames in the MFT records)
  • Fixed an NTFS corruption issue with LZX-compressed WofCompressedData named streams
  • Fixed it so that overlay icons are shown again in the right hand side ListView (for instance shortcut overlay icons) (Broken since 4.9)
  • Fixed FAT meta files' size and offset when the FAT was detected inside a boot image on CD
IsoBuster 5.1 - 64 bit - Screenshot

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