IsoBuster 5.3 Beta Released!

November 27, 2023

IsoBuster 5.3 Beta, a release candidate for IsoBuster 5.3, is ready !

This version features a lot of cool functionality again. See below list for all the details:

Please Install and Run this Beta version ! If there are any issues, now is the moment to report them. Don't wait until the final is out, which will be soon.

Let us know if you run into issues or have feedback


We had to renew our signing certificate again (which is every 3 years) so if you see the annoying "SmartScreen" dialog saying "Windows protected your PC" (blah blah) then please click the "More info" link and next the "Run anyway" button. I'm afraid we all need to train Windows SmartScreen again for a while (sadly). The more people deem it OK, the faster this dialog will go away for everyone.

SmartScreen -> More info SmartScreen -> Run anyway

Changes / New:

  • Support for the Toshiba RD-H100 DTKF DVR
  • Create and Load *.gzndx files to speed up opening *.gz files for random access
  • Spanned *.gz files' support: *.gz.001, *.gz.002, ..
  • Full support for *.gz files referenced from a CUE file
  • Full support for *.gz files referenced from an IMLST file
  • XA Extraction (2336 bytes per block) from CDs with Mode 2 tracks (Files, Image files, CUE etc.)
  • New Command line parameter /setsp: to change the optical drive's speed
  • New Command line parameter /lprogress: to dump the progress dialog progress in a file, so that external processes can track progress
  • PS3 partition parsing on decrypted disks with support for embedded 'OtherOS' partition tables (MBR, GPT, ..)
  • Show PS3 OtherOS bootloader in its dedicated PS3 partition
  • Show Linux Swap file in its dedicated partition
  • Ability to Load and/or Export a Partition list (*.ibpt), to map your own partition layout against a drive or image file [Professional license]
  • Support for \\*\virtual:size:pattern files which are virtual files that can be added before, after or in the middle of spanned files


  • Find all files and folders in FAT 12 and FAT 16 volumes that were not correctly formatted according to the specifications
  • Find Panasonic, Philips, Magnavox, ReplayTV and other DVR file systems on previously Windows' formatted disks that still have a valid backup GPT partition table
  • BSD partition parsing improved by taking in account the different flavours (FreeBSD vs OpenBSD / NetBSD)
  • Automatic creation of a CUE Sheet can be set to 'always' except when there's only one track
  • More extensions that match the Mac Creator / Type fields can be assigned
  • Put up a dialog when IsoBuster is being closed [X] and when it's still scanning or searching
  • Show more meta data for Pioneer DVR file systems
  • Prompt after multiple files' extraction, when there were read errors that required user intervention
  • Improved detection of Windows changing the style from dark to light (or vica versa)
  • When you open a regular (non image) *.gz file, IsoBuster will allow you to extract the file (since it did all the work already anyway)
  • *.gzip files are recognized as *.gz files
  • Show *.imlst files in recently opened image files (rather than the first file in the imlst)
  • Improvements to assign file systems to the correct CD track after a scan for missing files and folders
  • Tracks and Partitions take on the 'Compressed' property when located in compressed image files
  • Show the type of encryption that was encountered in the (right hand side) ListView when you select an encrypted track or partition (e.g. BitLocker)
  • Introduced {%NOBOM} in the file export functionality so that a text with BOM-able CodePage (e.g. {%UTF8}) can also be written without the BOM
  • Added the command /scan:nofs to only /scan when no file systems could be found
  • Do not create a separate UDF file system for UDF system streams, instead, add the streams as meta data to the regular UDF File System
  • Leverage the stored CurrentLBA in GPT backup data to determine its relative position (should it be nested in a partition, or shifted somehow)
  • Option to show the W11-style smoke effect underneath certain dialogs
  • Plenty of other tweaks and improvements


  • Fixed a crash when reading blocks outside the on the fly decompressed *.gz range
  • Fixed a file addressing issue for Pioneer DVRs (OEM, also Sony etc.) when lots of recordings had been deleted
  • Folder file-names should not get the extension '.mpg' when extracted with the 'only mpeg' filter
  • Fixed setting the CD Read Speed to the lowest speed (would not work on all drives)
  • Fixed issue that prevented listing files found based on their signature on partitions > 1 TB
  • Fixed it so that orphaned EXT file systems with a logical block size > 1024 get assigned a correct partition address

Known issues :

  • None

Please tell people about it, like and share it on Facebook and/or Twitter, post it on forums, reddit, etc. Practice safe and honest computing and stay away from cracks and keygens. Your help is appreciated.

Peter Van Hove,
Founder and CEO

IsoBuster 5.3 Beta - 64 bit - Screenshot

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