IsoBuster 5.4 Beta Released!

April 22, 2024

IsoBuster 5.4 Beta, a release candidate for IsoBuster 5.4, is ready !

This version features a lot of cool functionality again. See below list for all the details:

Please Install and Run this Beta version ! If there are any issues, now is the moment to report them. Don't wait until the final is out, which will be soon.

Let us know if you run into issues or have feedback

Changes / New:

  • *.PFR Image file support
  • *.IMZ Image file support (Multiple images supported, but limit currently set to 20)
  • *.ZL and *.ZZ Image file support (zlib compressed image files (similar to the *.GZ functionality)) (*)
  • *.ZIP Image file support (For single-file image files that are compressed in a zip file) (*)
  • *.QCOW2 Image file support (current snapshot, no encryption)
  • PartClone Image file support
  • NTFSClone Image file support (versions 10.0 and higher)
  • Support for Kurzweil K2000 synthesizer FAT 16 diskettes
  • Support for DOS 1.0 style FAT12 floppies without a BPB (Bios Parameter Block)
  • Support for Roland (Synthesizer) Audio CDs, Zip disks and images
  • Support for ReFS version 3.10
  • Ability to load a generic image file from and offset and with a range. Syntax: \\#\(1024,51200)i:\images\file.iso (for instance via imlst)

*.gz, *.zip, *.zl, *.zz etc. compressed file formats don't support random access, so IsoBuster has to index the files internally while loading them. For huge files his can take a minute or two.


  • Improvement for Audio CD *.pxi image files
  • Message dialog selection-items can be selected via Up / Down or Scroll-up or Scroll-down or via their index 0 - 9 - A - Z
  • Show $meta data files for the Panasonic DVR MEIHDFS file system (Requires at least a [Professional] license)
  • The Panasonic DVR MEIHDFS file system now lists Orphaned files and folders if the root is not good or unreadable.
  • An automatic targeted scan is started when there's a Panasonic DVR MEIHDFS file system signature but no further data at the expected locations
  • Various other improvements and fixes specifically for Panasonic video recorders
  • Improvements detecting the Pioneer DVR file system
  • Various other improvements and fixes specifically for Pioneer video recorders
  • Finding a missing VAT as part of the UDF file system can now be canceled
  • Improved the path that is stored in an MD5 file (also in the Edit window)
  • XML Reports are now formatted per the XML 1.1 standard (previously the XML 1.0 standard)
  • Control characters 0 - 31 are now replaced by their numeric character reference in XML reports
  • Detection for Roland floppies / diskettes by showing a File System icon
  • Recognize *.regf files by their signature
  • Don't create a *.gzndx file if the compressed file is too small (and it fits in the cache)
  • Detect and show PS4 External HDD encryption
  • Show the type of encryption in use in ISZ Image files
  • Use Rich Text formatting (rtf) when displaying a CUE file
  • Use Rich Text formatting (rtf) when displaying a DMG embedded XML file
  • Use Rich Text formatting (rtf) when displaying an RMG embedded XML file
  • Use Rich Text formatting (rtf) when displaying a CCD embedded INI file
  • Use Rich Text formatting (rtf) in Sector View
  • Various improvements under the hood for ReFS, making it more robust in case of data corruption
  • Ability to select an ReFS $meta file that is currently not the default and use that to create a new ReFS file system (Needs [Enterprise] license)
  • Plenty of other tweaks and improvements


  • Fix printing from the edit window in 64 bit mode
  • Fix for larger ReFS 3.x volumes where the root could not be found
  • Fixed making corrupt ~4GB *.gzndx files for huge *.gz files in 32 bit mode
  • Opening a split *.gz.00? file via the *.gzndx file now works properly (before it would not find the *.001 file)

Known issues :

  • None


Microsoft greed is affecting this release as well. Even though our signing certificate should long have been whitelisted, the annoying "SmartScreen" dialog saying "Windows protected your PC" (blah blah) is still there. To get past it, please click the "More info" link and next the "Run anyway" button. I'm afraid we all need to train Windows SmartScreen some more for a while (sadly). The more people deem it OK, the faster this dialog will go away for everyone (or so MS keeps saying).

SmartScreen -> More info SmartScreen -> Run anyway

Please tell people about it, like and share it on Facebook and/or Twitter, post it on forums, reddit, etc. Practice safe and honest computing and stay away from cracks and keygens. Your help is appreciated.

Peter Van Hove,
Founder and CEO

IsoBuster 5.4 Beta - 64 bit - Screenshot

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