IsoBuster 5.4.1 Released!

June 05, 2024

I'm very happy to announce the release of IsoBuster 5.4.1.

See the list below for all the goodies:

Changes / New:

  • *.PFR Image file support
  • *.IMZ Image file support (Multiple images supported, but limit currently set to 20)
  • *.ZL and *.ZZ Image file support (zlib compressed image files (similar to the *.GZ functionality)) (*)
  • *.ZIP Image file support (For single-file image files that are compressed in a zip file) (*)
  • *.QCOW2 Image file support (current snapshot, no encryption)
  • PartClone Image file support
  • NTFSClone Image file support (versions 10.0 and higher)
  • Support for Kurzweil K2000 synthesizer FAT 16 diskettes
  • Support for DOS 1.0 style FAT12 floppies without a BPB (Bios Parameter Block)
  • Support for Roland (Synthesizer) Audio CDs, Zip disks and images
  • Support for ReFS version 3.10
  • Ability to load a generic image file from and offset and with a range. Syntax: \\#\(1024,51200)i:\images\file.iso (for instance via imlst)

*.gz, *.zip, *.zl, *.zz etc. compressed file formats don't support random access, so IsoBuster has to index the files internally while loading them. For huge files his can take a minute or two.


  • Improvement for Audio CD *.pxi image files
  • Message dialog selection-items can be selected via Up / Down or Scroll-up or Scroll-down or via their index 0 - 9 - A - Z
  • Show $meta data files for the Panasonic DVR MEIHDFS file system (Requires at least a [Professional] license)
  • The Panasonic DVR MEIHDFS file system now lists Orphaned files and folders if the root is not good or unreadable.
  • An automatic targeted scan is started when there's a Panasonic DVR MEIHDFS file system signature but no further data at the expected locations
  • Various other improvements and fixes specifically for Panasonic video recorders
  • Improvements detecting the Pioneer DVR file system
  • Various other improvements and fixes specifically for Pioneer video recorders
  • Finding a missing VAT as part of the UDF file system can now be canceled
  • Improved the path that is stored in an MD5 file (also in the Edit window)
  • XML Reports are now formatted per the XML 1.1 standard (previously the XML 1.0 standard)
  • Control characters 0 - 31 are now replaced by their numeric character reference in XML reports
  • Detection for Roland floppies / diskettes by showing a File System icon
  • Recognize *.regf files by their signature
  • Don't create a *.gzndx file if the compressed file is too small (and it fits in the cache)
  • Detect and show PS4 External HDD encryption
  • Show the type of encryption in use in ISZ Image files
  • Use Rich Text formatting (rtf) when displaying a CUE file
  • Use Rich Text formatting (rtf) when displaying a DMG embedded XML file
  • Use Rich Text formatting (rtf) when displaying an RMG embedded XML file
  • Use Rich Text formatting (rtf) when displaying a CCD embedded INI file
  • Use Rich Text formatting (rtf) in Sector View
  • Various improvements under the hood for ReFS, making it more robust in case of data corruption
  • Ability to select an ReFS $meta file that is currently not the default and use that to create a new ReFS file system (Needs [Enterprise] license)
  • Plenty of other tweaks and improvements


  • Fix printing from the edit window in 64 bit mode
  • Fix for larger ReFS 3.x volumes where the root could not be found
  • Fixed making corrupt ~4GB *.gzndx files for huge *.gz files in 32 bit mode
  • Opening a split *.gz.00? file via the *.gzndx file now works properly (before it would not find the *.001 file)
  • Version 5.4.1 fixes some regression in 5.4, in particular when opening generic image files

Please tell people about it, like and share it on Facebook and/or Twitter, post it on forums, reddit, etc. Practice safe and honest computing and stay away from cracks and keygens. Your help is appreciated.

Peter Van Hove,
Founder and CEO

IsoBuster 5.4 - 64 bit - Screenshot

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