Klonen Sie ein Laufwerk oder eine Partition, verwaltet oder anderweitig

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[Available since IsoBuster 3.9]

IsoBuster features the possibility to clone a drive or partition to another drive or partition.

In case you want to clone a drive (full HD, USB stick etc.) you will only be able to select another drive as target.  Choose a target that is bigger or equal in size.
In case you want to clone a partition you can select a logical drive as target as well.
A managed clone can only be created on an entire drive, not on a partition.

Both source and target always need to be present in the list of found drives (See the dropdown menu in the top left corner)
If you need to include certain drives, make sure IsoBuster can find them.  You may need to restart the software after making changes in options.

Cloning is also supported via command line parameters.

Cloning is extremely poweful in that it can overwrite a drive and all of its formatting, partitions and hence logical volumes.
Make sure you know what you're doing.  With great power comes great responsibility.

There is some basic protection implemented.  Not all drives and volumes can always be selected as target, to try and protect the user.  But it is still a very powerful, hence dangerous, feature and you should take care using it.