Bagle virus and annoying emails

3. März 2004

The ongoing virus and mailworm threat causes some concerns and confusion.

Smart Projects never sends out bulk or spam mail. Only once every few months subscribers to the email list get an email with information on a new software release. This mail does not contain any attachments. The systems at Smart Projects are all virus free. Consequently you will never get doubtful mail from us. We also do not send out mails warning you of a virus or mailworm and we do not send out attachments to fix such problems!

Unfortunately this doesn't mean that you can't get mail that looks as if it was sent by us. In other words mail that seems to originate from an address or from an address When a system 'out there' gets infected and when this system contains somehow both your email address and an email address @Our-domains then it's very likely that we will receive infected mail that seems to come from you and you will receive infected mail that seems to come from us. There's nothing we can do about it. But you can. Make sure you have an up to date virus scanner. Run a fire-wall if you can and considder running a spam filter program like Mailwasher for instance.

This message was posted here because we noticed al lot of emails going around posing as emails sent by us. The latest thread seems to be W32/Bagle.j@MM.

Check your virus scanner's website or follow this link (to McAfee):

In other words, ignore mail that seems to come from us with the subjects:

  • E-mail account security warning.
  • Notify about using the e-mail account.
  • Warning about your e-mail account.
  • Important notify about your e-mail account.
  • Email account utilization warning.
  • Notify about your e-mail account utilization.
  • E-mail account disabling warning.