IsoBuster 1.4 released - Best choice CD and DVD Data recovery software

5. Mai 2003

Smart Projects Proudly presents:

IsoBuster 1.4

This version features:


  • Sector Viewer.
  • Ability to look at every individual sector and see the content (normal or raw).
  • Ability to save as *.rtf or *.txt file.
  • Ability to print every sector content.
  • Support for Pinnacle Image files (*.PDI).
  • Map Erroneous sectors during scanning for lost UDF files and folders.
  • Indicate if files contain errors or not after scanning.
  • By means of a list.
  • By means of an extra icon next to every file.
  • Extra options to request that list.
  • Auto-scan function to find extensions for orphaned (nameless) files after UDF scan.
  • CD/DVD Surface scan routine to find physical errors.
  • Check if all files are physically readable without having to extract them somewhere.
  • The CD/DVD icon now also nicely mentions if the media is : DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD+R, DVD+RW or DVD-RAM.
  • CD/DVD Properties Window shows amount of layers.


  • UDF file-system improvement for Pioneer CE player created VR disc.
  • Take in account badly mastered UDF with dead loop directory references (e.g. DirA contains DirB contains DirA again).
  • Improve robustness and implement workarounds for corrupt UDF systems containing bogus data in certain critical fields.
  • More logging features default enabled to do analysis.
  • Small changes for future devices (cfr. more recent MMC specifications).
  • Small GUI improvements.
  • Sanitizing data after scanning for lost UDF files or folders speeded up in case the directory data contains many errors.
  • Improvement to not conflict with certain card reader drivers under Windows 2K and XP.

Bug fixes:

  • Switching between SPTI and ASPI could cause problems under WinXP and Win2K.