Add customizable file-system

This is a [Professional] feature (and it can be hidden)

This feature is for engineers who want to define their own files, located somewhere on the medium.
It allows to create (add), edit and delete files, with variables defined by the engineer.

IsoBuster is not an image file editor.  It cannot change the content of image files.  This functionality offers the possibility to define files based on their known properties, so that you have a way to extract them from the medium in case they can't be found.

In other words, if you know a file exists on the medium, and it is located at address x and has length y, then you can add a customizable file system, add a file to it with address x and length y and next extract that file from the disc.  Additionally you can influence the offset in the first block or add / change extents of that custom created file.

To create a customizable file-system, right mouse click the track or partition icon in the left view pane and make the selection:

IsoBuster - Add customizable file-system

Adding, editing (including adding / changing extents) and deleting files is then done exactly like described here, or in this article: Creative editing of file properties in files found based on their signature.

PS. when deleting a file in the list of files found based on their signature, you also affect the length of the file that was located before that file (physical location).  When you delete a file from the customizable file system, no other file in that list is affected !