HFS File System Settings

IsoBuster - HFS File System Settings (Scan Options)

Look for HFS on CD-i and true white-book Video CD (VCD) discs

Certain disc types simply don't contain a HFS file system.  More specifically older standards such as the CD-i and VCD discs.  Looking for HFS doesn't take that much time so there's normally no real penalty to pay but why loose time if the check is not really needed anyway.  So, if a real CD-i (according to the green book standard) or a real VCD (according to the white book standard) is detected, IsoBuster will not try to find HFS by default.  In case of VCD, ... there are often variants out there that behave perfectly in most conditions but are not necessary true white book VCDs.  On these VCDs IsoBuster will still look for HFS.

Automatically add extensions to files (where possible)

Apple Mac doesn't use or at least doesn't need file-extensions.  On Windows systems, the association with a program is made via the file extension (e.g. .txt or .jpg or .htm).  On Apple systems other means are used to launch the file in the appropriate program.  This causes the files, once extracted to your Windows environment, not to be recognized properly.  You need to know what type files they are to launch them in the appropriate programs.  IsoBuster does part of the work by automatically adding extensions where appropriate.  IsoBuster uses the file's properties to associate a likely extension.  This is based on an internally managed database and is not fail-save as some Apple programs use comparable properties.  However the results are very satisfying.

Mac supported file-names vs. Windows supported file-names.

Mac (HFS(+)) supports a number of characters in file-names that are not supported by Windows.  When you extract files or directories (folders) with names containing such illegal characters, IsoBuster replaces them with an underscore '_'.  For Instance, When the Mac disc or disk contains a File-name "My\Data?/".  Then IsoBuster will extract that file to the Windows environment with following name : "My_Data__".

Following characters are not supported by Windows in file-names :
\\ , / , :, * , ? , "  , < , > , |