IsoBuster 1.9.1 released - Best Choice CD & DVD data recovery program

July 03, 2006

We're proud to announce the release of IsoBuster 1.9.1.

Download it here!

We had to make an important decision; stay with major version 1.9 or move to 2.0. You would think that with the new look (beit still a sober one) we would choose for 2.0, yet we haven't. The reason, and the early adopters will probably agree, is that we have always chosen technology over looks. We feel it makes a lot more sense to go to version 2.0 once BD and HD-DVD are fully integrated and supported optimally. Not the new look (icons, logo etc.), but the technology and being the best in what we do is important to us the most!

Here are the changes and improvements compared to previous version:


  • IsoBuster splash screen, which will stick until the main window is loaded, which can take a while sometimes when a drive is just mounting a 'difficult' disc and is not responding to commands immediately.
  • Added option to the GUI (in Options) for administrators to grant low level access to storage devices for other users on the system.
  • Multi-language support in the installer itself.
  • IsoBuster theme in About box.
  • Various icon improvements.
  • An object selection is now also available and accessible via the Main Window (File / Sel. Object(s)).
  • Shift+F10 and context menu (between Alt Gr and Ctrl on the right) button click implemented.
  • *.NCD (or subsets of *.NCD) image file support.
  • The multi-extent icon next to a file or folder is *not* shown anymore by default, after a fresh install, to avoid confusion, set it in the options if required.


  • Updated some of the auto recognizing features for Movie DVDs.
  • Changed the more-sessions-in-one-track interpreter to also be able to deal with Nero Cmd made discs (they don't have the typical Nero signature).
  • Work-around for a particular drive problem (DL-DT-ST DVD-ROM GDR8163B, or possibly a generation of drives) which caused DVD(+R/W) media not to be mounted OK. Tracks and Sessions were not always correctly identified.
  • Improvement to match IBP/IBQ managed image files to actual CDs in certain drives better, has to do with reserved tracks.
  • Load read-only (write protect) IBP/IBQ files but put up a dialog warning for the user and allow him/her to unload the image again.
  • Addded a dialog for when the IsoBuster.exe has been changed, to warn the user that there might be a virus on the system.
  • Filter and replace illegal characters in file names before extraction for all file-systems, not just only for HFS.
  • Various changes here and there to work better with Vista public Beta 2, which has changed considerably compared to previous Vista beta version.
  • Various internal improvements, staying up to date with drive evolutions.


  • Fixed some minor GUI related issues. You probably never noticed.
  • Fixed a rare situation where IB could run into an exception error when there is NO file-system layout on the disc.
  • Fixed small bug in the HFS file-extension recognition. Not all known extensions were actually assigned.
  • Fixed that some extracted files, via the Mac HFS+ file system, were 2KB too big. For most files this is no problem, but for text files some editors would display the extra rubbish at the end which is potentionally annoying.