IsoBuster 2.4 Beta released - Data Recovery Tool with FAT support!

May 16, 2008

We released IsoBuster 2.4 beta today.


  • FAT12, FAT16 and FAT32 support.
  • Show deleted files and folders from the FAT file-system immediately.
  • "Find Missing files and folders" now includes finding orphaned FAT folders.
  • "Find Missing files and folders" now includes finding FAT partitions.
  • Ability to automatically check the boot image file to see if it contains FAT and list its files and folders if available (needs to be turned on in the options).
  • Recognition of BDAV files via their signatures, during a scan for missing files and folders.
  • Custom remappping - Jump Offset and Jump Value - Via Options, [Business] feature for professionals.


  • Ability to show and use only short file-names from the FAT file-system.
  • Various options related to mounting and scanning for FAT files and folders.
  • Added more file-types to the file recognition by signature functionality.
  • Via Windows itself, right click image file "Extract" feature implemented.
  • Added *.dsk, *.ima, *.vhd and *.vfd support when opening disk image files (these files, when they contain FAT, will open just fine).
  • Date / Time and Size can now also be exported to a file-list.
  • Changed various default options on a system that hasn't had IsoBuster (recent version) installed yet.
  • Installer will ask to close IsoBuster when already running to avoid Windows overwrite errors (Installer error 5).
  • Display text in the listview (right pane) when folders are empty to avoid confusion.
  • Various other GUI improvements and changes.


  • Fixed incorrect length for some boot image file-names.

Download this version here.