IsoBuster 2.4 released - File & Data Recovery Tool with FAT support

May 30, 2008

We released IsoBuster 2.4 today

IsoBuster is extremely powerful software to recover data from optical media such as CD, DVD, BD and HD DVD.

This version's hot new features include FAT file-system support.

FAT can be used on random writable media with internal defect management, also optical media, such as DVD-RAM and BD-RE, hence the need to support it in IsoBuster. E.g. Windows XP and Vista support formatting such media with FAT16 or FAT32. The added advantage now also is that IsoBuster can open a wide range of disk image files. E.g. disk images from Hard Discs, Memory sticks / Pen drives, Jaz, Zip, Floppies etc. IsoBuster will still treat the content as a CD but all files and folders will be available and of course IsoBuster's other powerful features.


  • FAT12, FAT16 and FAT32 support.
  • Show deleted files and folders from the FAT file-system immediately.
  • "Find Missing files and folders" now includes finding orphaned FAT folders.
  • "Find Missing files and folders" now includes finding FAT partitions.
  • Ability to automatically check the boot image file to see if it contains FAT and list its files and folders if available (needs to be turned on in the options).
  • Recognition of BDAV files via their signatures, during a scan for missing files and folders.
  • Custom remappping - Jump Offset and Jump Value - Via Options, [Business] feature for professionals.


  • Ability to show and use only short file-names from the FAT file-system.
  • Various options related to mounting and scanning for FAT files and folders.
  • Added more file-types to the file recognition by signature functionality.
  • Via Windows itself, right click image file "Extract" feature implemented.
  • Added *.dsk, *.ima, *.vhd and *.vfd support when opening disk image files (these files, when they contain FAT, will open just fine).
  • Date / Time and Size can now also be exported to a file-list.
  • Changed various default options on a system that hasn't had IsoBuster (recent version) installed yet.
  • Installer will ask to close IsoBuster when already running to avoid Windows overwrite errors (Installer error 5).
  • Display text in the listview (right pane) when folders are empty to avoid confusion.
  • Various other GUI improvements and changes.


  • Fixed incorrect length for some boot image file-names.

Download this version here.