IsoBuster 2.5.9 Alpha - Data Recovery Tool with Unicode GUI support

May 26, 2009

Today we released IsoBuster 2.5.9, an Alpha version of what should become IsoBuster 2.6.

An Alpha version because we feel that this version may need a bit more testing, as we ported the project to a newer compiler, to finally be able to make use of IsoBuster's internal Unicode workings via the GUI as well. Mind you, this version has been tested already internally and things are looking good, but an Alpha version just to make sure that everything is working fine from your end as well.

IsoBuster has long been fully Unicode internally which made it suitable to work with all languages and all sorts of characters, for instance when a disc would contain Korean file-names, those filenames would be dealt with properly in the program, yet the GUI, which is heavily dependant on the compiler would still display "?" characters if the disc was inspected on (for instance) and English OS system. Of course it would work fine on a Korean system or when the code page was set to Korean on an English system. But the latter problem is now gone. You can inspect any language based disc now on any language OS. Also IsoBuster's language support now works for all languages on all OS. For instance you can set IsoBuster to work in Chinese (all texts and program features in Chinese) on an English system, working on a DVD that has Greek file-names and so on.

Now that this Alpha version is out there we hope to get as much feedback as possible so that we can address issues should there be any. Meanwhile we're also working on a beta version for what will become IsoBuster 2.5.5. The 2.5.9 Alpha version is based on IsoBuster 2.5.1 which is the official 2.5 release plus various changes and fixes that will also be included in the 2.5.5 release. Once 2.5.5 Beta is released with even more changes and improvements we will port those changes to the 2.5.9 version as well.

Finally, when IsoBuster 2.5.5 final is released, mid this year, IsoBuster 2.5.9 will be promoted to a Beta version leading up to the 2.6 release of IsoBuster later this year.


  • Unicode support via all aspects of the Graphical User Interface (GUI), Dialogs etc.


  • Improved support for Japanese text in DVD-VR Label and Title.
  • Implemented *.orf file-type recognition for found files based on their signature.
  • "Do not bother me with this message" option in message when going online.
  • Command line parameters: "/nodrives" and "/nosplash".
  • Improved error message when it's impossible to open or create a file.
  • Improved font support in the editor window when displaying text other than sector view.
  • Ability to select text encoding (Unicode, ANSI, UTF8, ..) when saving text from the editor window.
  • Ability to select text encoding (Unicode, ANSI, UTF8, ..) when saving file-system data (e.g. file-list) to a text file.
  • Various other GUI improvements.


  • No fixes were required

Download this version here.