IsoBuster 2.7 Released - Data Recovery with interleaved files support

December 22, 2009

Today we released IsoBuster 2.7 with following new cool features and improvements:


  • Support for interleaved files in the ISO9660 / Joliet file-system (rare but it can happen).
  • Support for Right to Left reading languages and their optimized language dlls.
  • Proper print functionality from the View/Edit text window (formatting, copies, collate etc.)


  • Hard coded ignore of drive "HUAWEI Mass Storage" which is a USB modem with CDFS and which returns drive type CDROM, but it behaves badly and causes crashes.
  • Implemented *.cwk file-type recognition for found files based on their signature.
  • Ctrl-p (Print) and Ctrl-s (Save) implemented in the View/Edit text window.
  • Implemented ability to read raw on DVD in [Business] mode when the disc is Blank (some rare drives allow this on readable media without TOC, but they return user data, which is then remapped to raw by IsoBuster) (known to work for: LG drive HL-DT-ST DVDRAM GT10N firmware rev 1.00).
  • Program start-up speed improved by skipping network drives to avoid long delays.
  • Create MD5 of image filename dialog improved.
  • Various other GUI improvements.


  • In rare cases, on Windows OS with particular settings, the program would start with an "Invalid code page" error. This has been fixed.
  • Fixed issue that made the online check occur despite the user saying No.
  • Fixed it so that the nag screen doesn't show at the first try.
  • Fix in CueSheet handling to better deal with image files containing different block sizes per track.

Download this version here.

Similar to version 2.6, and all future versions, this version will not work anymore on old, officially "End Of Life", Microsoft OS: Windows 95, 98, ME and NT4 due to the too big differences between the early OS and the modern OS. It's simply not possible anymore to support and create functionality for the modern OS (XP, VISTA, 7) and still keep it compatible with the old OS.