IsoBuster 3.5 Released!

December 12, 2014

We're very proud to announce the release of IsoBuster 3.5, the very best data recovery software in the world. If you have an older version installed, simply over-install this version for new and improved functionality. The most exciting new feature in this version is 64 bit addressing, so that you now can access 512-byte sectors over the 2TB boundary. In other words, Hard Drives over 2TB (3TB, 4TB, 6TB and so on) are now properly supported. Of course there is more, check it out:

Here's a list of all the goodies:

Changes / New:

  • 64-bit sector addressing so that we can properly show, extract and support any partition, file, folder or file system above the 2TB boundary
  • Most objects (files, folders etc), despite the 64-bit address instead of the 32-bit address, now use less memory because of intense work and serious optimizations
  • Saving and updating of managed image files, especially for huge drives, is considerably made faster, and yet kept backwards compatible
  • Ability to load a generic image file (*.iso, *.dks, *.flp) with specified properties on the command line: /IPROP:header|blocksize (e.g. /IPROP:100|2048)
  • Ability to extract CD segments as *.WAV file (Gives you the power to wrap any raw CD data in WAVE RIFF headers)


  • A plethora of improvements to properly 'guess' the size of an El Torito boot image on CD or DVD, in case that information is not present in the data structures
  • Show how the size was determined in the Boot Image file Properties window
  • Improvements to try an find FAT file systems inside Boot Images on CD and DVD
  • Implemented ability to (via right mouse click) find a matching file for a Boot Image and use that file's size properties
  • Changed 'Last LBA' display to take the last block of the last extent that actually has a size (in case the last one(s) ha(s)(ve) no size)
  • A great number of improvements and workarounds to deal with CD-i discs that have audio and data combined in one track. Because it is an illegal state many drives return unexpected data for such discs
  • Save the status more often while making or completing managed image files. More saves as more problems are encountered
  • Display the address where the process 'Completing IBP/IBQ Image' was aborted in the 'test and complete managed image files' dialog.
  • Ability to create one big IBQ file instead of ~1GB (or otherwise defined) sized IBQ files (will only work on NTFS volumes)
  • The From-To dialog can now also extract *.WAV (via checkbox) from CD
  • Extracting an audio track to WAV or BIN/ISO will now happen including the pre-gap of the next audio track, default set in options
  • Work around Windows issue with downloaded CHM files by removing the "Zone Identifier" stream from the CHM file that was added by Windows after download.
  • Memory and speed improvements in the management of the erroneous-sectors-bitmap
  • Various other smaller GUI improvements


  • Show the correct Last LBA for an Audio track
  • GUI fix that properly shows what track is being completed during the completion of a managed IBP/IBQ image file
  • Not all orphaned UDF folders would be found during a "find missing files and folders" in certain situations (bug introduced in IsoBuster 3.2)

Download IsoBuster here.

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Peter Van Hove,
Founder and CEO