IsoBuster 5.1 Beta Released!

November 28, 2022

IsoBuster 5.1 Beta, a release candidate for IsoBuster 5.1, is ready !

This version features a lot of cool functionality again. See below list for all the details:

Please Install and Run this Beta version ! If there are any issues, now is the moment to report them. Don't wait until the final is out, which will be soon.

Let us know if you run into issues or have feedback

Changes / New:

  • Ability to analyze a FAT (12, 16 or 32) and work out all the files it references without the need for a full media scan [Professional license or better]
  • Ability to try and figure out file extensions of files found via analyzing the FAT (via right mouse click "Try to find matching extensions")
  • Ability to try and figure out *.CHK files' true file extension (in FAT "FOUND.???" folders (e.g. "FOUND.000"), also via right mouse click)
  • Show NTFS Junctions and Symbolic links by applying a shortcut overlay icon, and by providing link information in the Properties dialog
  • Finding logical drives (drive letter volumes) is now default ON on modern systems (W10 and higher) after a clean install


  • Improved extraction dialog scaling when dragged to a different monitor
  • Improved search dialog scaling when dragged to a different monitor
  • Improved message dialog scaling when dragged to a different monitor
  • Improved properties dialog scaling when dragged to a different monitor
  • Improved options dialog scaling when dragged to a different monitor
  • Improved 'About' dialog to properly scale the image on all systems and for all dpi settings
  • Improved file-system icons for better scaling and to look crisp for all dpi settings
  • Improvements detecting raw (2352 bytes per block) generic CD images
  • Auto-open the MDS file when an MDF file is opened (and when the filename matches)
  • Creating an MD5 can now be done straight to file, or the result can be shown in the edit window
  • Workaround for an unknown 12 byte header in rare ISO/IMG files made by an unknown application
  • Improved FAT detection by double checking if it's not a BitLocker encrypted Partition
  • Improved MBR partition parsing by double checking if it's not an image of a BitLocker encrypted Partition
  • The level up, previous and next selection-history buttons now have a shortcut: Ctrl + Shift + (Arrow-up or Arrow-left or Arrow-right)
  • Remove "OpenWithProgids" entries again from the registry when disabling an extension because Windows 10/11 appears to use it as backup, which defeats the purpose of disabling the association
  • Get the proper size for logical drives (Volumes) instead of the physical drive's size the Partition/Volume is on
  • Changed a logical drive's name to reflect on what physical drive the volume is located
  • Option to clear an optical disc drive's content after the eject button is clicked
  • Option to change how the media/cd/hdd/.. filename for an image file is formed
  • Stay with font size 9 when the screen dpi > 100% (e.g. 150%) (revert 5.0 change (in case of higher dpi))
  • Show speed when extracting (or cloning) Media Segments
  • Draw a line between different types of devices, Optical vs HDD (Physical) vs HDD (Logical) vs Image Files
  • Display up to 6 digits behind the comma when showing the percentage of bad sectors, so that only a few errors on larger volumes still produce a value different from 100%, e.g. 99.999999 %
  • Ability to launch the Edit Window with the contents of all tabs in the Properties dialog
  • Updated libwim-15.dll to version 1.13.6
  • Plenty of other tweaks and improvements


  • Fixed a 64 bit instability (and program shut down) that could happen on certain systems. If your version runs fine, this doesn't affect you
  • Fixed an unexpected shut down while parsing certain FAT file systems
  • Fixed parsing CloneCD *.ccd image files in the 64bit version (it was not a problem in the 32 bit version)
  • Fixed creating an MD5 file of CUE + ISO combinations. Only the CUE's MD5 would be recorded in the file
  • Fixed building an error list for media with some read errors at the end (sometimes the range incorrectly started at address 0)
  • Fixed NTFS hard links' file-naming (which could be off, depending on the order of filenames in the MFT records)
  • Fixed an NTFS corruption issue with LZX-compressed WofCompressedData named streams
  • Fixed it so that overlay icons are shown again in the right hand side ListView (for instance shortcut overlay icons) (Broken since 4.9)
  • Fixed FAT meta files' size and offset when the FAT was detected inside a boot image on CD

Known issues :

  • None
IsoBuster 5.1 Beta - 64 bit - Screenshot

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