How to extract MPEG (MPG) video from a Video CD (VCD)

I accidentally ran into this rather funny, third party, YouTube hosted, movie that explains how to extract the MPEG from a Video CD (VCD) in a BIN image file, and I felt like sharing my find.

Now, whether the VCD content is located in a BIN, ISO or other image file doesn't really matter. The principle is the same. The same as extracting the MPG from an actual VCD in your CD drive, though then you don't need to open the image file first, you need to select the drive containing the VCD via the drive-selection combo-box in the top left corner of the program.

Also, please don't confuse VCD with Video/Movie DVD. VCD's are an entirely different format than Movie DVD's and the mechanisms explained below will not work for DVD.

The mechanism described in the video from "down under" is one of more possible ways. The video explains how to extract the MPG from the track directly. A more subtle and recommended approach is to located the large Video *.DAT file inside that track via the file-system. Explore the file system and locate the MPGAV (or MPG2) folder. In that folder there will be a large *.DAT file (e.g. vb AVSEQ01.DAT). This file contains the MPG Video. Extract it the same way as explained before, namely right mouse click the file and choose: "Extract but FILTER only M2F2 MPEG frames".

I did some searching and sure enough, I found this third party, hosted, video explaining the latter mechanism:

Well, that's it, the movies were made by people I don't know, and I'm pretty sure they don't know me, yet their help is appreciated.

FYI: More information on VCD.