Sortie d'IsoBuster 1.9

26 Décembre 2005

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IsoBuster 1.9 (Build

Cette version contient:


  • More ways to rescue lost data from CD and DVD.
  • E.g. A supporting feature for CD and DVD data recovery:
    • The ability to create managed IBP/IBQ files.
    • Stop creation at any time.
    • Continue creation at any time.
    • Fill the gaps left during failed reads.
    • Use different drives to complete an image of a bad disc. In other words the amazing ability to create an image file of a bad disc using many different drives that all do their part to finally have a resulting image that can be used to recover all missing data.
  • Support for multiple "virtual sessions" inside a single session, single track, on DVD+RW or DVD-RW, created by ASHAMPOO.
  • Ability to set/reset file-extension association via the Options (besides via the installation procedure).
  • Ability to have IsoBuster beep after extraction, after a scan for lost files or after a surface scan (Set in Options).
  • Ability to have IsoBuster sort files and folders immediately and automatically after their parent folder is parsed. (Set in Options)
  • Ability to have IsoBuster put folders on top immediately and automatically after their parent folder is parsed. (Set in Options)
  • Ability to enable/disable showing certain status icons for files and folders (Set in Options).
  • Ability to change files found based on their signature, ability to change their address, length or even delete and add files. (Set in Options)
  • Ability to perform the Online check with Auto-detection of Proxy settings, Manual Proxy settings or Proxy settings via a URL (Advanced Online Check Options).
  • Ability to avoid a number of messages. A large number of them are new, related to *.IBP, *.IBQ. Set or Reset displaying them in the Options.
  • Support Multi volume Image-file-format *.000, *.001, *.002, *.003, (made by Unix DD (or so they say)).
  • Support Multi volume Image-file-format *.AA, *.AB, *.AC,..., *.BA, *.BB,... (made by Unix Split (or so they say)).
  • Support Multi volume Image-file-format *.nrg, *.nrg.001, *.nrg.002, *.nrg.003.
  • Ability to skip files each time an error is encountered in them (when extracting multiple files at once).
  • Ability to pause extraction of an image file, and resume later or abort.
  • Ability to pause finding lost files and folders, and resume later or abort.
  • Prompt when no files or folders could be found to avoid confusion. New users sometimes think that a track is a missing file that needs to be manipulated somehow.


  • Added recognition for more DVD mastering software, enabling direct IFO/VOB mounting.
  • Reduce retry count when scanning for lost files and after continued errors.
  • Compensation for abnormally long tracks (when the drive is confused about the length).
  • Speed (via memory management) improvement for when many (millions) of small files are found based on their signature.
  • Also list the LBA (Address) of files listed as unreadable after a scan.
  • Various improvements in the file-signature recognition part, more file types are supported, far less false positives.
  • Reference to the *.cdt (cd-text) files from the *.cue file with relative filename instead of absolute filename.
  • Improved support for +VR recorders that do not write the _RM.BUP file in the open track (or at least not point directly to it from the reserved track (virtual content)).
  • Compensation for various +VR mastering bugs by the Magnus DVD+VR writer.
  • Put more relevant data in *.cue files (and read back).
  • More escapes to stop try mounting a CD/DVD when the media is being written or formatted.
  • Removed displaying MSF addresses on DVD in the Extract From-To dialogue.
  • Changed the default block size of unrecognised image files to 2K per block instead of 2352 bytes block.
  • Immediately display the red (x) icon next to files that are located in unreadable areas, if that can be determined immediately, (e.g. when the file is located outside the track (e.g. after am incomplete write)). In older versions first a surface scan or "find lost files..." needed to be performed. Files located on unread surface are still 'readable' (no (x) mark) is shown until proven differently (after failed read)
  • Changed the order of Wnaspi32.dll loading so that a dll in the program folder itself gets priority over a dll in the system folder. So the Nero wnaspi32.dll for instance (if copied in the project folder) is used instead of the (Adaptec) wnaspi32.dll in the System folder.
  • Display the LoadSegment also in Hex, for a bootable CD's Boot Image file, in the file properties.
  • Implemented a work around for buggy mastering where the Joliet file-system doesn't contain proper directory information beyond 8 levels deep.
  • Various smaller changes and improvements.

Corrections de bugs:

  • Fixed a division by zero error when a *.000 image file was loaded (If the file was generic instead of part of VC4).
  • Under certain conditions the MSF addresses could be wrong for tracks on DVDs when they were recorded in the *.cue file.
  • Catch an error message when trying to use system animations that aren't there anymore. Vista early beta has replaced some of these animations. Until Vista public betas become available no animations will be shown when they are not where they used to be. (e.g. during file extraction)
  • On certain NT systems (2K, XP) in combination with certain RAID controllers it was possibe that some drives couldn't be found. Now they are found.
  • Implemented fix that hopefully prevents the extraction window to disappear behind the main window (work around for Windows and compiler behaviour).