Commands via the breadcrumb control

The breadcrumb control's edit box accepts commands.  (Available since IsoBuster 5.0)
To do this, click in the white space of the breadcrumb control (or use key combination: Ctrl+Q (since IsoBuster 5.2)) and type the command in the edit box.
A command always starts with an 'at' character: @

IsoBuster - Commands via the breadcrumb control

Currently supported commands:

@open:[Image File Path]

Loads the image file


Closes (and restarts) IsoBuster


Starts a new instance of IsoBuster


Closes IsoBuster


Creates a 'Debug dump Image file'.
See the video for more information

@LoadIcons:[Path (Optionally - Leave empty for Open File dialog)]

Load custom made icons (for instance to test new icons)
More information on Github


Refreshes the content (Same as pushing the refresh button on the right hand side of the breadcrumb control)

@cmdl:[Command Line Parameters]

Executes command line parameters, as if they were provided at startup.
[This command is available since IsoBuster 5.2]