IsoBuster - Folders

IsoBuster uses a temporary directory/folder for a number of reasons :

- When you Run a file, the file is extracted to the temp. folder from where it is launched.
- When you drag a file to a location, the file is first extracted to the temp. folder and next Windows moves it to the appropriate location.  This is because of Windows architecture.  On a drag from the application, the application has no means to know where Windows wants the file located.  So the only way to work around that is to extract to a temp. location and next allow Windows to do the relocating.   (Other software, e.g. Winzip works the same way)
- To place small text files in that are used in the Editor window, e.g. file-listings.

By allowing to choose a folder other than the system temp. folder you have full control over what location IsoBuster uses.