Language Support

IsoBuster is supported in many languages.  Last time I counted there were 34 translations.

IsoBuster - Language Support

This is done by means of Language plug ins or dlls.  They can found in the IsoBuster installation directory, in the 'lang' directory.

Change the language :

To change a language, simply select the language you want and click 'OK' (See picture).  As of now, this language will be used.

Find an updated or new language :

On the Website, the latest versions of the translations can also always be found.  To update a language, simply download the dll and copy the dll in the 'lang' directory.  Click yes when/if Windows prompts to overwrite.  If that doesn't work, the dll might be loaded by a currently running IsoBuster.
In that case, shut down IsoBuster an try again.

The people behind the translations :

All translation have been done by people who kindly offered to translate to their native tongue.  They did it for free and their help is much appreciated.  If you want to be a part of this group and your language is not yet in the list, or you want to be a back-up for a language, contact us to find out if nobody else is already working on a the same language.