Show Extents

This is a [Professional] feature (and it can be hidden)

A file can be fragmented on the disc or disk.  It then consists of different so called "extents".  An extent is a part of the file, with a start address, an offset in the block and a byte length.  If a file consists of different extents, this blue puzzle like icon IsoBuster - Show Extents is displayed next to it.  That is, if you have enabled showing low priority icons in the options.

Right mouse click a file that consists of different extents, and if you have a business type license, you can select to show all the individual extents.

IsoBuster - Show Extents

For example:

IsoBuster - Show Extents

Each extent is associated with this icon: IsoBuster - Show Extents

PS. The puzzle icon has lowest priority.  If an extent contains physical read errors, it is associated with this icon: IsoBuster - Show Extents.  E.g, read more about icons here.