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In the directory in which you installed IsoBuster, a folder called 'lang' was created.
This folder contains all the language plug-ins that are installed via the installer.

Suppose you want to install a later version plug-in for your language (e.g. you noticed on the website that there's a later version Your_language.dll available).  If you have downloaded this more recent version you can simply copy the dll in the lang folder.
If the file already exists, just copy over it.
If Windows complains the file is in use, shut down (all running copies of) IsoBuster, and try again.

In the same IsoBuster folder, another folder, 'help', was created during installation.
This folder contains the Help file that is loaded by IsoBuster when you press F1 or click the help button.
You can download updated or translated help files from the website: 
and place them in this folder.

Association is automatic.  For instance if you have selected the French language then the French help file will be loaded, same for Italian, Spanish etc.