UDF Bestandssysteem instellingen (Scan Opties)

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IsoBuster - UDF Bestandssysteem instellingen (Scan Opties)

Look for UDF on CD-i and true white-book Video CD (VCD) discs

Certain disc types simply don't contain a UDF file system.  More specifically older standards such as the CD-i and VCD discs.  Looking for UDF doesn't take that much time so there's normally no real penalty to pay but CD-i and VCD discs often have video data on the locations where IsoBuster tries to find UDF.  This video data is stored in M2F2 sectors which means that normal read commands (must) fail on those sectors.  This also means that IsoBuster will retry and look further to find other evidence of UDF and this can add a few more seconds to the mounting process.
So, if a real CD-i (according to the green book standard) or a real VCD (according to the white book standard) is detected, IsoBuster will not try to find UDF by default.
In case of VCD, ... there are often variants out there that behave perfectly in most conditions but are not necessary true white book VCDs.  On these VCDs IsoBuster will still look for UDF.

Find Missing VAT

IsoBuster interprets UDF based on the UDF rules but while doing so also already looks further to see if it can't compensate for errors. One extra feature which is default set on can be switched off.  This feature automatically looks for the last valid VAT.

A VAT is crucial for sequentially written media (e.g. Drag and Drop applications on write once media (CD-R, DVD+R, DVD-R)).
If a valid UDF file system is found but no VAT is found, the file positions can't be determined properly.
Therefore, in such a situation, IsoBuster will look for the last valid VAT if there was no VAT where it was supposed to be.

If you run into this problem you stand a good chance that you miss the last added files and folders.
At this time it might be wise to scan all using the "Find Missing Files and Folders" option.

If there are many physical errors at the end of the disc, trying to find the VAT can result in a painfully long wait.
Therefore the option to stop looking for the VAT if there are too many errors is switched default on.

Both these options are not saved when the program is closed.
Switch them on or off if you don't like the default settings before you start investigating a disc

After : Find missing Files and Folders

Generate a list of files with physical read errors

If checked, this option will be executed automatically after a Scan for lost files and folders.
This list will be compiled only if there are indeed files with physical read errors and the list will be displayed in IsoBuster's Edit Window.  The functionality is basically the same as what can be triggered manually.

Try to find matching extensions for orphaned (nameless) files

If checked, this option will be executed automatically after a Scan for lost files and folders but only if there are really orphaned files.  The functionality is the same as what can be triggered manually

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