Communication  (Recherche de lecteurs)

Finding Devices

You can choose which devices IsoBuster needs to look for and list.

IsoBuster - Communication  (Recherche de lecteurs)

Find and list optical drives (CD, DVD, BD, HD DVD).  Communication via SCSI commands

If this option is checked, IsoBuster will find all optical drives.  CD, DVD, BD, HD-DVD Writers and/or ROM drives and will communicate with them on the lowest possible level.

Find and list other devices (HD, Flash, USB, Floppy etc.)

If this option is checked, IsoBuster will find all other (non optical) and so called "Physical" devices.  IsoBuster uses different methods to find optical devices vs. all other devices, hence this option.  Devices / media found this way are: Hard Drives, USB/Flash media cards and drives, Jaz, Zip, Click,2 ... drives and disks.

Include logical floppy and diskette drives

Floppy and Diskette drives are not enumerated in the Windows system as "Physical" drives.  They can only be found via drive letter scanning and are hence found as "Logical" drives.

Include logical fixed and removable drives

Aside from the "Physical" drives, IsoBuster can also look for all "Logical" drives, by scanning the drive letters.  This gives access on a higher level and is limited per volume/partition/file-system.  Interfacing on a higher level means that underlying drivers can change or influence the data before IsBuster gets it.  For instance in case of encrypted volumes, the drivers can do decryption before IsoBuster gets the data.

Include RAM drives

Include "Logical" drives that exist only in memory, via Windows or other drivers, and have the properties of a so called RAM drives.

Store this setting and use it always

If you select this checkbox, your settings with regards to which devices to find will be saved and re-used when you start IsoBuster next time.

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