FAT File System Settings

IsoBuster - FAT File System Settings

Find and show deleted files and folders

During the mounting of the FAT file-system, IsoBuster also runs into deleted file and folder entries.  These deleted files and folders are automatically added to a separate FAT file-system.  Uncheck this option if you do not want this to happen automatically.  Deleted folders will then be found as orphaned folders during a scan for missing files and folders.  Be careful: Deleted files and folders may in fact not be physically present anymore on the medium !  IsoBuster found references pointing to them, but their bodies may have been overwritten already with other files or folder information.  The longer ago a file or folder was deleted, the lesser the chance that the data is still truly present.

Look for FAT on CD-i and true white-book Video CD (VCD) discs

Certain disc types simply don't contain a FAT file system.  In fact only random writeable media, with internal defect management, such as DVD-RAM and BD-RE should be formatted and written with FAT.  IsoBuster relaxes that rule and looks on more types of media, but looking for FAT shouldn't happen on older standard discs such as the CD-i and VCD for instance. It doesn't take that much time so there's normally no real penalty to pay but CD-i and VCD discs often have video data on the locations where IsoBuster tries to find FAT.  This video data is stored in M2F2 sectors which means that normal read commands (must) fail on those sectors.  This also means that IsoBuster will retry and look further to find other evidence of FAT and this can add a few more seconds to the mounting process.  So, if a real CD-i (according to the green book standard) or a real VCD (according to the white book standard) is detected, IsoBuster will not try to find FAT by default.  In case of VCD, ... there are often variants out there that behave perfectly in most conditions but are not necessary true white book VCDs.  On these VCDs IsoBuster will still look for FAT.

Only use the short file-names

FAT is still compatible with and still stores DOS 8.3 file names.  Check this option if you want IsoBuster to ignore the long file names (if they are present).

Ignore ExFAT system files and folders

Typically ExFAT file-system related files that are normally never shown, are here also hidden by default, but you can uncheck this option to show them anyway

Check El Torito Boot Image for FAT and list the files/folders if FAT is present