IsoBuster 2.5 Beta released - Data Recovery Tool with Stream support

December 3, 2008

We released IsoBuster 2.5 beta today


  • Support for UDF Named streams in the core engine.
  • Ability to extract UDF Named Streams to NTFS Alternate Data streams (default ON.)
  • Ability to show UDF Named streams as separate files, for analysis, a [Business] feature.
  • Support for UDF System streams (shown in a separate UDF file system).
  • Ability to extract Mac Resource forks (from UDF / HFS or ISO9960) to NTFS Alternate Data streams (default ON).
  • Ability to extract Mac Properties (from UDF / HFS or ISO9960) to NTFS Alternate Data streams (combined with resource forks).
  • Ability to include folder information when creating a File List (Need to enable in Options).
  • Implemented Command Line Parameter "/ep:" to avoid poppups during automated extraction.
  • Support for VMWare Hard Drive *.vmdk image files containing FAT.


  • Improvements to detect and find more FAT partitions.
  • Recognition of Dynamic partitions.
  • Improved support for *.gi multi-file image files.
  • Removed "This is a packet written disc. Errors are not abnormal on this disc" warning for all type discs other than CD.
  • "UD.DAT", a typical BD mastering file, is now part of the files that are automatically recognized when opening an image file.
  • Ability to open and support for VMWare Floppy *.flp image files.
  • Do NOT prompt and ask if a file should be over-written when going through the temp folder (e.g. drag and drop).
  • Display 8 characters in a File List (e.g. 00000001) instead of 7, because for BD Dual Layer (which can contain up to 50 GB) 8 characters are required.
  • Various GUI improvements and changes.


  • The Toolbar does not change the homepage anymore.
  • Fixed extremely rare exception error, seen only on one data set, during the "Find missing files and folders" scan.
  • Fixed issue that prevented BD drive write-ability to be detected properly when no BD disc was mounted.

Download this version here.