IsoBuster Web Access Issues

April 21, 2005

Web access issues

The last few days we noticed severe lag and bandwidth issues with the website. We went to investigate and came to the conclusion that the web space provider (Easyspace) had changed its products and had set severe limitations to the existing products. All without any kind of warning. Instead of making us aware of these changes, the bandwidth was reduced dramatically and users sometimes could not even see our pages, Instead they were shown pages of the web space provider itself. All extremely unprofessional and unacceptable. On top of this, the people behind this company (Easyspace) are extremely hard to reach and basically you are left hanging there without any means to talk it over and come to an agreement. This is in fact a negative testimonial for Easyspace ( and we wanted to share this information with you, to draw your own conclusions should you be looking for a web space provider. We have now switched over to a new provider and the support for one is outstanding. We will publish a positive testimonial for our new provider if services continue the way they have so far and if there appear to be no bandwidth issues this time. We'll keep you informed and we apologize for the unprofessional and inadequate performance of our old provider.