GUI Settings

Changing the font.

IsoBuster - GUI Settings

Although IsoBuster uses a font that is supposed to work right on all localized Windows versions, sometimes certain Windows versions contain other fonts that suit the language characters better (Maybe even extra installed fonts).  This option allows you to select another font so that your Japanese or Arabian or ... version looks better.  This options also allows you to set ridiculous fonts in terms of size, type and maybe color, but that's up to you.  You can always hit the default button to set the font back to the design state.

Changing the icons.

IsoBuster - GUI Settings

In case of "Automatic" IsoBuster will use the typically Windows 7 style icons on a Windows 7 system etc.  You can also choose to always use a certain style.  Just play with the option to see the result, it's harmless.

Show low priority (informational) icons.

IsoBuster shows a couple of icons next to files and folders if they posses certain properties.  To avoid confusion, a selection of these icons can be disabled.  Icons showing properties such as "contains read errors" can never be disabled.

Progress Bar during extraction.

IsoBuster - GUI Settings

All IsoBuster versions up to version 1.5 have always shown a progress bar per file.  One of the reasons was that if a directory was extracted, it was not always known yet how many files and sub-directories that directory contained and so it was impossible to calculate and show an exact progress bar.

In the mean time things have changed and there are a fair number of situations where the content of sub-directories is already known and stored in memory.  So in these cases showing a progress bar for an entire operation is not that hard.

As of version 1.6 the progress bar is now always shown an calculated over an entire operation.  This also means that in case the sub-directory content is not known yet, that content will be scanned first !  So a directory scanning operation that would occur during the extraction itself is now occurring before the actual extraction starts.  This does not mean that the entire operation will take longer !  In fact, often this reduces the overall time needed for an extraction of directories with sub-directories.

For old times' sake, a progress bar per file (object) can be enabled again.  And to make it really interesting, both progress bars can be shown during the extraction operation


IsoBuster - GUI Settings


IsoBuster - GUI Settings

At certain moments you as a user can get prompted with a message, asking what to do.  For some of these messages, especially those related to creation and completion of managed IBP / IBQ files, you can set not to be bothered again.  This by means of a checkbox at the bottom of the message.  If you want to enable them again, you can do so by setting / resetting them here.


IsoBuster - GUI Settings

Hide [Professional] license functionality

IsoBuster comes in two flavours.  A Personal version and a Professional version.  The Professional version has some special features.  These special features (for instance viewing extents and adding/editing extents) can remain hidden.  So instead of these features showing up during right mouse click on an object, they are not shown at all when this option is checked.

Restore main window postion on start up

While height and width of IsoBuster are saved and re-used when you start up again, the position of the window is always centered on start up.  If you want to also save and re-use the position of the window, where it was when you closed it, then you have to check this option !