Smart Projects

Smart Projects is owned and managed by Peter Van Hove, who started the company and IsoBuster as a hobby. At first the company was mainly focused on CD, DVD and BD technology.

Peter grew the company and product IsoBuster to the world's number one CD, DVD and BD Data Recovery software. It didn't stop there and to date IsoBuster covers and recovers files/data from the full spectrum of data carriers. From Optical to Hard Drives to Flash and Solid State.

Peter has been doing this since 1995 and it's fair to say that a lot of experience and know-how has been bundled in a small but powerful software application.

Smart Projects aims to provide high-end, professional software that is used by Forensics and Data Recovery experts everyday, but at a very affordable price so that it is accessible to everybody.

Our Team

  • Peter Van Hove

    Peter Van Hove - CEO / Developer

    Peter worked many years for a technology giant and major player in the optical industry as a Senior Engineer and technical advisor to the marketing and sales department, working closely together with Development, PC-OEMs such as Dell, HP, Compaq, Iomega, Gateway IBM and ISVs (for instance Roxio, Nero, VOB etc.). It's this technical background and expertise that led to the creation of IsoBuster, the leading data recovery application as well as a renowned forensics investigation tool. Peter lives on two continents and calls both Belgium and Australia home.

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