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Privacy Policy

This web site is owned and operated by Smart Projects.

The purpose of this Privacy Policy is to explain how we treat data obtained through your visits to our web site or when you use or buy our products or services.

It will also make a distinction between what we do and what third parties are able to see or track via your visits to our website, or when you use of our products and services

For each visitor to our web site we may use limited information about the visitor to present the most relevant content. Visitor systems are not probed in any way to retrieve personal information, only the standard information sent by the browser can possibly be used. In other words, limited information such country of origin (via your IP), which web browser, version of your web browser etc. This sort of information may also be stored and used for statistical purposes, to understand and serve our visitors best. You are never personally tracked. Just aggregated information may be stored to understand where our users come from, what type browsers they use, how many downloads there are per day and so on.

About cookies. A cookie is a small amount of text data that is transferred to your browser and it is stored on your system in a folder managed by your browser. The cookie is sent back to the website, that initially sent it, on every visit. Smart Projects uses cookies but not the kind that can identify or track you personally. We only use 'session cookies', that expire (and are deleted) when you close your browser. We are hence not able to recognize you as a returning visitor. We only use these temporary cookies to store choices made on the web site, such as language information, provided coupon etc., so that we can remember the information while you are browsing the website. In other words, to provide you with a pleasant experience and possibly make your life easier.

Our website content is currently managed and updated in house. We do not use a third party for any of that. The website's physical location, security updates and bandwidth are provided by a hosting company. We use for that, and the managed virtual server allocated to us is located in the USA.

We use Google Analytics to track visits to our website, to help us monitor and improve the website. We also may use Google Adwords and Bing Adcenter conversion code so that we can monitor the success of our pay per click advertising. All of this only provides us with aggregate data. We cannot identify individuals from this data.

Our website tries to integrate nicely with social media and tries to offer a good user experience. By doing so we incorporate small widgets that run off the social media platforms. This is done by showing something that comes directly from the social media website. For instance, to see how many people liked our Facebook page, or who in your network liked the IsoBuster Facebook page before. There is also a button to easily tweet about the website, and a Google+ button to like the page in Google's social network. also provides a widget on some pages to quickly share the content in your social network. All this is meant to improve your experience. We do not receive any tracking nor personal information about you from these sites. What you get to see via these widgets is between you and the social media website that possibly recognizes you (if you have an account with them) and shows you something that makes sense to you.

Certain pages feature the ability to directly chat we us. We use third party for that. We can only access aggregate data from them. We cannot identify individuals from this data. We do keep discussions we had with you, and whatever information you volunteered, to be able to continue a conversation at a later date.

Certain pages feature the ability to leave comments and have discussions. We use third party for that. We can only access aggregate data from them. We cannot identify individuals from this data. Of course we show comments you made (after logging in to visible on the page where you left it.

We only collect personal information that is freely and knowingly volunteered by the visitor or customer, such as via newsletter subscriptions, product or service purchases or support requests

The email address database is securely stored on the server and contains the bare minimum information. It contains your email address (if you subscribed to the newsletter or if you purchased a license to use the software), your name and an ID we can use to deduce your type software license (not the license itself). You can always un-subscribe from this database. No other personally identifiable information is stored on the server.

The email address database is used to notify you about updates to our web site or products, and/or to deliver and follow up on purchased goods or services and/or to respond to posted queries or remarks. Your email address is never shared with others and only one person in the organization has access to it. License keys resulting from purchases are always sent via email. Continued support by letting you know there's a more recent version (typically twice a year) is an implicit part of your purchase and requires the email database. We never ever send spam. People who subscribed to the newsletter, which needs to be done explicitly here, independent from a purchase or not, will possibly get a few more emails, but not a lot. Mainly to announce beta versions when they are released or to possibly inform you of other relevant information about us and our products.

We retain all emails sent to us, so that we have a record of our interactions with customers and people seeking advice. This to provide the best possible support. Our emails are hosted by Google, only accessible by one person in the organization and secured by several layers of protection, completely disconnected from the website (and website server).

If you purchase a license via our website the payment is processed by eCommerce providers or They pass some of your details on to us, such as your IP address, name, email address and postal address. We retain this information securely so that we can resend your license key if you lose it, check your eligibility for upgrades and better serve you during support requests. Complete removal of these details means your purchased product(s) will stop working in the future and you won't be able to get support anymore. This information is stored entirely disconnected from the website and only one person in the organization has access to it. We never receive your financial details (e.g. your credit card number) and hence do not store it!

Software produced and/or provided by Smart Projects may check the servers from time to time, to see if there is a more recent version of the software available. You can disable this in the options of the software. During the short online query, the software may send along limited information about your system, such as OS and OS version, Software version, License information etc. to be able to present you with the correct update for your product, but also to track abuse and fraudulent use. This securely logged information is only kept briefly on the server. Parts of the non personally identifiable information (language, OS etc.) may be stored long term and used for statistical purposes, to understand and be able to serve our customers best.

Your use of our site(s), materials, products, software or services constitutes your acceptance of the privacy policy.

Feel free to contact us in case of questions!