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PCWorld reports "IsoBuster recovers files from just about anything" in a nice review of IsoBuster's functionality and features. "This misleadingly named but surprisingly effective recovery program for all types of media is well worth a look." Read the full story here.


IsoBuster in CHIP

CHIP magazine, a very big computer related magazine in Germany, and other German speaking countries, elected IsoBuster as winner of a rigorous CD and DVD recovery test and as best price quality solution, compared to the competitors. Click on the pictures on the right to see the official announcements (in German). (Link to complete German article. But beware, it's a 14 MB file!)

CHIP Preistipp CHIP Testsieger

IsoBuster in PCUPDATE

PCUPDATE magazine, a very big computer related magazine in France, elected IsoBuster as winner of a rigorous CD and DVD recovery test and as best price quality solution, compared to the competitors. Click on the picture to see the entire article (1,5 MB)(in French). IsoBuster was awarded "Le Choix de la Rédaction" or Editor's choice award.


IsoBuster on Tucows

Tucows has awarded IsoBuster 5/5 cows!
Click the image to view the website.

5 Cows on Tucows

IsoBuster on MSDN

Microsoft MSDN proposes to use IsoBuster when extracting file from images.


IsoBuster on CNet

IsoBuster reached over 1,000,000 downloads on CNET and thus became a 'Popular Download'!


Kim Komando talks about IsoBuster

In her column of 11/10/2003 Kim Komando talks about IsoBuster and the recovering of "lost" data from CDs.

Kim Komando

LangaList mentions IsoBuster in newsletter

The website LangaList mentions the 'Ultimate Data Recovery Tool' in their newsletter.

Langa List / Windows Secrets

IsoBuster on InfoPackets website

InfoPackets recommends IsoBuster to extract data from 'very stuborn media'


IsoBuster on G4TV

TechTV discusses IsoBuster!


IsoBuster on 3D2F

3D2F reported in a review: Now you can understand my amazement with IsoBuster? I really don't know what can be done to damaged disks on top of this suite's capabilities. Read the complete review here.


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And more ...


Additionally, 191 people reviewed IsoBuster and gave it a top score of 5 out of 5. This is a limited list however. There are always more testimonials waiting to be put on the website and there are of course also the testimonials in other languages.