• I have a CD that I bought off of Ebay 4 or 5 years ago that contains service manuals for antique Zenith radios from 1929 to 1953. It also contained a very early RCA Radio Repair Course. The CD was accidently left in the drive when the laptop was powered down. When the laptop was powered back up the CD was removed and placed back in its envelope. The next time I went to use the CD nothing came up. The laptop acted as if the CD was blank. Windows Explorer was asking me what I wanted to do with the CD. Apparently the Laser hiccupped either during power down or power up of the laptop causing some garbage to be written onto the CD damaging that part of it that lets Windows know that it is an active CD.

    I had delt with data recovery from a bad hard drive many years ago and was able to recover the files I need with some data recovery software. I was at least somewhat familiar with the way data was stored on a hard drive in order to retrieve it. But a CD ROM was a new kind of animal. I tried 4 different data recovery programs for a CD with no luck. They all said basically the same thing that Windows Explorer did that I had a blank CD. Then I came across IsoBuster which was first tried in its free version form. It indicated that the files were still there and that they were retrievable. After a couple of emails back and forth with their tech support it was determined that there was a pretty good chance that IsoBuster could do the job. After purchasing the software key and registering the software IsoBuster was able to recover 28 Folders containing a total of 1,537 files from the damaged CD. Those folders and files are now backed up both on site and off site.

    Jack Fischer, Illinois, USA (IsoBuster: 5/5)

  • Well today the unwelcome test case came and your software did a fantastic job of recovering my sd memory card and restoring pictures of my kids at their sports outing to me plus some other shots I took. Thank you so much for memories that would have otherwise been lost.

    Rolf C Graeber, New York, USA (IsoBuster: 5/5)

  • Worked! Thanks. Your product help me out A LOT when I had a deadline and the disk I used became corrupt. Your product was a life saver!

    Malcolm McNair, Valparaiso, Florida, USA (IsoBuster: 5/5)

  • Thank you so much! IsoBuster was the only application that worked!!! I tested maybe 5 or so other programs to get my files out of a damaged dvdr and only ISOBuster was able to retrieve them!!!! I'm so happy. Awesome software and well worth the purchase.

    Jay Padua, Makati, Philippines (IsoBuster: 5/5)

  • I'd like to share a good experience with your software. Recently, my wife had a problem in her USB hard disk drive. After connecting the USB hard disk drive to any computer and accessing the drive using the "My Computer", she was having the window with the information to format it "You need to format the disk in drive E: before you can use it". Your software came to the rescue and we were able to recover the partition and make a backup of the data. After that we formatted the hard disk drive and got the data back inside.

    Bruno Brito, Lisbon, Portugal (IsoBuster: 5/5)

  • Just wanted to say THANK YOU! I was able to rescue home video from 2 very damaged DVD-R's that appeared unreadable to every device I tried them in. IsoBuster was able to salvage 99% of what was on them.

    Amy Bellows, North Richland Hills, Texas, USA (IsoBuster: 5/5)

  • I just want to say thank you! For my birthday last week I hired a guy to photograph the first time my 7 year old boy and I were able to surf together. He put the pictures on a DVD RW for us, but yesterday our 2 year old daughter accidentally deleted all the pictures off of the DVD!! I did a Google search which lead me to your program and I decided to take the chance. Within seconds of completing the installation, your software detected the DVD and ALL of the deleted photos. I cannot thank you enough, these pictures are so precious and I was truly heart broken to think that they were lost for good. Thank you so much, from all of us! I will recommend this to anyone I meet with similar problems!

    Mattie Rush, Gainesville, Florida, USA (IsoBuster: 5/5)

  • A word of praise from a long time user. I am very happily saving old texts (I am a writer) from ancient 1.44MB floppy disks, which Windows often can't read anymore. Sometimes I get a "the disk is not right formatted" error, but just trying all possibilities (or pressing "x" escape) often gets me my data back, and even deleted files sounding something like 'amburg.txt' are restored. What a wonderful program :). All the very best again

    Georg Fries, Hamburg, Germany (IsoBuster: 5/5)


    Wow i have to thank your fantastic software developers for a great piece of software.

    i cannot express how relieved i am. ISOBuster was able to recover 24GB of data in 9500 files from a UDF formatted Flash Drive. Photos, Music files and ebooks.

    I managed to accidently wipe the drive when Windows could not read some files. I ran a chkdsk /F on the drive. Whilst it was running it displayed various messages, When chkdsk finished running i found to my horror that it had wiped the whole drive and left a single folder called found.000. OMG!

    One of the problems was that the drive was formatted to UDF so i had to find a recovery program that supported UDF filesystems on flash drives. The only one i could find was ISOBuster. I downloaded it and after an hour or so of intensive scanning it found every single file! It even recovered most of the original directory names. So i purchased it, entered the key and hey presto i was able to copy every single file that was deleted safely to my harddisk.

    The copy process was a simple drag and drop process using a nicely presented UI, and because most of the directory structures were recovered it was not much work to restore the original folder structure.

    I can honestly say that it recovered every file from what i can see. I am now in the process of copying the files back to the flash drive. I will never run chkdsk again!

    Anthony Enrione, United Kingdom (IsoBuster: 5/5)

  • I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for this program. Tonight I lost all of the videos and pictures from my son's first three months of life that I had saved on a DVD. I was crying like I had lost a family member. I was a mess and my husband was beside himself. I tried a few of the free programs and was getting nowhere. Isobuster found the files in seconds and the $59.95 I paid to extract the files to my computer was worth every penny. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU !!!!

    Jennifer Loudin, Pennsylvania, USA (IsoBuster: 5/5)

  • IsoBuster is IsoAWESOME!
    This is a success story...and a love story.

    A success story because IsoBuster recovered the video of my son's first school performance in 2004 from a corrupt DVD that a dozen other DVD reading programs could not even recognize.

    A love story because it took literally 4 days of constant reading by IsoBuster to get video only a parent could love. (My son, now 16 years old, simply shakes his head in disbelief at the effort that went into recovering this video).

    Peter, thank you for making such a great program and offering me advice on how to proceed. In case it helps, I took a few notes about my process as I think I had the most degraded video possible it was to recover but still get playable video out of it.

    I was lucky enough to have two copies of the same disc, both unplayable normally. On your advice, I tried them in 4 different computer drives and found a laptop that could make ibp copies and find 2 VOB files by their signatures but with many many errors (31 up to 43,394). One disk took 48 hours to read, and the other 40 hours. Then I was able to use the ibp file of one disc to "fill the gaps" of the other disc to get only 5 errors for one VOB file and 1208 errors in the other VOB file. Then I extracted the mpg files from the two VOB files with the lowest errors.

    The mpg files would play in VLC media player, but in the Windows media Player, there was no sound in one VOB file and the second VOB file would not play at all. I also want to edit them in Adobe Premiere software to make mp4 files with titles and Premiere also had varying issues of the mpgs either not reading, crashing on playback or output, or distorted audio. The mpgs also were severely interlaced (combed edges on moving edges).

    So I thought awhile and ran the mgps through the Handbrake software to output them in a format I knew Premiere liked--Normal profile, MP4 container, RF=18 (about same size as original), Decomb-default (to gently remove interlacing) and Constant Frame Rate 29.97 (Premiere REQUIRES this CFR).

    Voila! The result was completely playable and editable mp4s with minimal interlacing artifacts. In the areas with the worst errors, green splashes of pixelation in the second mpg were even greatly reduced somehow by Handbrake. I was concerned the re-encoding would compromise the quality, but I compared the mp4s side-by-side with the original mpgs and could not see a difference. The original video was not of great quality so maybe that is why. In any event, low quality is better than no video at all, so I am very very happy.

    Thanks again for making such a wonderful program. IsoBuster has rescued these wonderful memories for me!

    Margaret Ma, San Jose, CA, USA (IsoBuster: 5/5)

  • I just battle tested 3.1 against an external hard drive that I was not able to open up and read. I was getting an error that the drive needs to be formatted. 3.1 made a slam dunk in reading every sector and recovering close to 20 GB of scientific data for my chemistry work. Thank you as ever for working with in the past as well as now.

    Dr. Daniel Goldman, Edison, New Jersey, USA (IsoBuster: 5/5)

  • I was wanting to let you know how much I love your program I had over 500 pictures that somehow got lost on a cd-r and I found your program and decided to try it and thank God I did it recovered all my pictures and some of them are of my father in law who passed away a month ago I am in tears over getting my pictures im so happy I never thought I would get them best product ever.

    Lillie Warner, Millington, Tennessee, USA (IsoBuster: 5/5)

  • THANK YOU for producing such in incredible program - and at a reasonable cost. It has worked fantastically to sort out a problem I had with a hard drive. Due to a bad cluster the partition information was lost. Windows in its intelligent and helpful way announced that the drive needed formatting. In windows admin, disk information it came up with the dreaded information RAW partition. I tried to find recovery software on the internet - came up with some that claimed to be free but in spite of trying several NONE of them (the ones that worked that is) didn't in fact work for free they only allowed me to view the lost files in the partition. They all needed a hefty sum to purchase the full program which is almost every case was far more than the cost of a new hard drive!!! Not only that but one kept popping up under different names with what seems dodgy contact addresses in Canada or the US. Most of them were Chinese based and frankly I just didn't trust them. Another 2 of them appeared to be in India. Now they might have been legit. Companies BUT I am so fed up scamming phone calls from Indian call centres pretending to be software firms that I was a bit wary about parting with my cash. I put the hard drive aside ignoring Windows stupid advice to re-format, and with the hopes that one day there would be a solution. Then when I re-checked the info for your wonderful program I suddenly realised that here could be the answer and at a reasonable cost. I am DELIGHTED that it works for this - just over the moon.

    Robin Griffiths, Surrey, United Kingdom (IsoBuster: 5/5)

  • IsoBuster is a great tool at DVD RAM use. I used IsoBuster with great success at video transfer over low cost DVD RAM in the Panasopnic DMR Series video recorder. It allows to extract from multiple video registrations separate files from the VSO set as special feature and it allows copying of damaged files over lost sectors with repairable video gaps. Other tools hang up or swallow frames yielding defective files with hard to correct sync loss. Also: Like with DVD +RW quick erased files on DVD RAM have shown to be recoverable. The Panasonic recorder normally does a quick erase.

    Henricus Nieuwesteeg, Schliern, Switzerland (IsoBuster: 5/5)

  • I bought the program and recovered 94% of my data. WooooHooooo! Awesome program. Well worth the money.

    Irena Miklavcic, Cambridge, Canada (IsoBuster: 5/5)

  • OMG! I am so happy! You have no idea how much this means to me. Right now I am pulling off the files of the CD I couldn't get any program to read yesterday. I think I spent over 10 hours trying to recover the data. I wanted your program so badly since it was the first (and only) that could see the files! Trust me... I will be telling others about this program for years to come! it is truly incredible and has saved me much more headaches. Now I know I have a program that I can use when this type of issue happens again. Just to tell you what happened... I burned a CD with Roxio drag-to-disc. Apparently the final part of that failed & corrupted the CD somewhat. Initially, it was readable but then appeared blank. I downloaded Roxio 10 and some UDF patches but even Roxio couldn't open the files or the session for the drag-to-disc burn. So... your program has been the live saver, knight in shining armor, cavalry, or anything you can call it in between.

    Mike, Donna, Texas, USA (IsoBuster: 5/5)

  • Thank you, thank you! You helped me to save several videos of my one-year-old and of my four-year-old's birthday! Your solution (to search for missing files) worked. Once I did that and ran them through the Quick Scan Fix, they are viewable. Since file names were visible, I hadn't thought to search for missing files. I really appreciate the time and the product. Thanks again.

    Molly Lynch, Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, USA (IsoBuster: 5/5)

  • My name is David Fishman earlier today, IsoBuster was a true life saver! Last week I was having serious problems with my laptop and came to the conclusion that the only way to fix it was to recover it to out of box state. This meant that all of the files I wanted to keep had to be backed up onto a CD/DVD before beginning the recovery. After finishing the recovery, I loaded in the DVD on which I thought I had saved the files, but only found it to show the the DVD was empty. I looked on the bottom of the DVD and could clearly see data written on it so I knew I had to of put it on there some how. After about a week with no luck getting the files, I almost gave up... until I came across IsoBuster. I downloaded the trial to see if the folders would even show up and what do you know, without having to break a sweat trying to find them, they showed up right there on the screen. I tried to extract them and it told me I needed to buy the program to get the files onto my computer. Without hesitation, I grabbed my credit card and registered the software, clicked extract and there were all my files again. Never felt better about spending thirty dollars. This program was so easy to use! Two simple clicks and my hassles from the past week were instantly gone and all of my previous college papers and files were saved. Thank you IsoBuster!

    David Fishman, Springfield, Virginia, USA (IsoBuster: 5/5)

  • This isn't a request to open a trouble ticket. It's a thank you note for providing software that got me out of a pinch. My father bought a VHS to DVD standalone recorder and converted the entire family VHS collection to DVD media. I don't know how long this took him... it must of been weeks. He went through the whole process without finalizing a single disc. I thought the project was toast and we would of had to go through the whole real time conversion process again, but IB read the open sessions just fine and I'm now in the process of transferring the DVD_VIDEO to hard drive for post editing. Thank you so much! Well worth the $59.95 investment.

    Chris Teague, Oviedo, Florida, USA (IsoBuster: 5/5)

  • I just wanted to leave an unequivocal endorsement of your wonderful product. I have been a upper-mid level technically astute computer user since 1983 and professional photographer since about 1976. Since 1994, when I started scanning my new and old film on high-end drum scanners, then doing digitally captured photography from about 2002 onwards, and, at the same time, did an incredible amount of retouching, compositing and digital illustration, my work has yielded thousands and thousands of large and mostly irreplaceable photo files. Over the years I have created about six different image databases with either Cumulus or Extensis Portfolio, the earliest one of which had its associated image files burned onto multiple redundant copies of CD-R's which were kept in a cool, dry and dark controlled environment. I thought that would help keep my files pretty safe. Another later database's files partially overlapped those of the older one, and those images were committed to multiple redundant DVD's. Recently, I couldn't retrieve some files I had looked up on my newer DVD database that were among those burned onto one redundant set - copies of a single DVD - that just seemed to simultaneously disappear. Well, no problem I thought, because those files were also contained in the older CD-based database as well. I thought I'd just go to the CD's and pull the files, then write them to a new set of DVD's. Much to my horror, the six or so CD-R sets containing the files that corresponded to the files in the one missing DVD set were unreadable. The disks could not be recognized by any of my Windows systems - none of my Win7-64, Vista or XP Pro machines saw anything when the disks were dropped into their burners. Then I kept trying some of the other CD-R's, and about the first half of the series, about a 120 disk sets, were all the same - unreadable. I called a data recovery firm to get their opinion about what they could do for me, and they said they would be happy to help, at somewhere between $250.00 to $100.00 per disk, with no guarantee of success in any case. Good grief! I was stuck between a data loss catastrophe and a financial calamity, so I asked if they could recommend some do-it-yourself software that I might be able to try. They swore by one of your competitor's recovery software, suggesting that I try it. I did, and after an annoying learning curve, facing a confusing interface with some uncertain choices, I was able to get the program to recover some files on the first disk. The problem was, it brought up only tiny unnamed fragments of the very much larger complete files contained on the disk, none of which were open-able by their associated programs, plus a bunch of icons and nonsensical executable files. It was a pure failure. Then, after doing some web research on my own, I decided to try IsoBuster. Wow! What an amazing difference. All I did was to stick the disk in the burner and start IsoBuster. Voila, every photo image file on the disk was nearly instantly revealed in the scan, and after a relatively quick batch extraction to my hard drive the files were on my computer, properly named, perfectly usable and with everything about the files intact. That was an amazing performance. And, since then, so far, I've extracted the data from the next 20 or so disks with not a single failure of any kind. I can't thank you enough for such a great product that is reasonably priced and does exactly what it's supposed to do, exceptionally well, and with complete ease, because of the amazingly simple interface. I didn't even need to look at your documentation, not even once, to succeed at extracting data that saved me thousands of dollars, or at least thousands of man-hours of work, plus the loss of many hundreds of irreplaceable images. All my other software should work this well. Regards,

    David Franklin, West Bloomfield, Michigan, USA (IsoBuster: 5/5)

  • Just wanted to express my thanks for creating such a great program that worked brilliantly - recovered all the video clips from our wedding in the South Pacific from 6 years ago. I thought they had all been lost following a tape to dvd video transfer with a faulty dvd recorder.

    Tim Milton, Reservoir, VIA, Australia (IsoBuster: 5/5)

  • After a morning of tears when I realised a disc full of my daughters baby photos wasn't working, I found your site. I used the trial to make sure it worked (so many free recovery programs didn't) and yep yours did so without hesitation I bought the license. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for having a wonderful program that gave me back my precious memories. I think that will be the best $ spent this year!

    Carley Cain, Southport BC, QLD, Australia (IsoBuster: 5/5)

  • I submitted the following testimony to be posted on your site. I am Inv. E. Mullis with the Coweta County Sheriff's Office located in Newnan, GA, USA. We conduct all sorts of computer forensics here and even have issues with our own video recordings. Today I had a fellow Investigator come to me with a DVD that clearly had data written to the disc but when he puts it in to the PC it shows blank. I used isoBuster to create an image of the disk and recover the data at which time I was then able to extract this data to create a new DVD. I found out through this process that the disk was created a year or two ago on a older video recording system we no longer have and he forgot to finalize the disk. No matter what burner we put it in, it would not be seen by any of the new systems we have in use today. Thanks to isoBuster I was able to recover a vital piece of evidence in a case for my fellow co-worker. Thanks isoBuster...

    Casey Mullis, Coweta County, Newnan, GA, USA (IsoBuster: 5/5)

  • I am a railfan, about four years ago I transferred my video tapes to DVD, not knowing the DVD recorder did not finalize the discs. The DVD recorder went bad, so I bought another one, but not by the same manufacturer. I figured I'd try the Rail DVD's in the new machine to see if they played all right. You can imagine my horror when I found out all of my invested time and money were down the drain. I also tried playing them on my computer, and still nothing. This after the fact that I did not have most of the tape backups any longer. I still had a few but most were gone. Your ISO Buster recovery program has saved the day for me.

    Michael Jenkins, Peoria, AZ, USA (IsoBuster: 5/5)

  • I just wanted to say how much I appreciate your program. I was able to recover files that I thought were gone forever because other programs could not recover them. Your program recovered over 3gb of files on a DVD, over three years of Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, Access databases, and Adobe Acrobat files. Thank you for creating and maintaining this software it is wonderful. Keep up the good work and I will continue to upgrade the software because it is so valuable and priced reasonably. Yes, I did upgrade to your newest version as soon as I saw an email from you announcing the upgrade. Thank you again and keep up the good work, your program works as advertised and more than expected.

    Jim Specht, Stockbridge, Georgia, USA (IsoBuster: 5/5)

  • Hi All at Iso Buster, I record family video footage from my camera on to DVD. I have had two DVDs which gave me the message 'disc error' as I came to finalise them and were no longer playable not even on the recorder they had been created on. They couldn't be read by a PC either. As these contained footage which had been gathered over a long period of time the original was no longer available and I thought I had lost it completely. Visits to local IT firms produced no joy and every where I went it was a case of 'sorry can't help'. I downloaded Iso Buster on Sunday as a last resort and within two hours I had successfully got the files from the corrupted discs and burnt them onto new DVDs. Many thanks for a great program. Best wishes,

    John Baxter, Andover, Hampshire, UK (IsoBuster: 5/5)

  • Thank you, thank you, thank you! I purchased isobuster, and was able to retrieve my pictures. Very happy customer.

    Rebecca Sheedlo, Racine, Wisconsin, USA (IsoBuster: 5/5)

  • I just wanted to start by saying THANK YOU SO MUCH for your program. I lost pictures extremely important to me, it turns out they were on a DVD that did not finalize properly. With your program I was able to recover every picture (multiple different formats)with no problems. This program is as easy as 1 2 3 to use. Thanks again, you have relieved so much of my stress. I will recommend this program to everyone and post on my facebook.

    Shelly Ganger, Mishawaka, Indiana, USA (IsoBuster: 5/5)

  • I NEVER write testimonials, but this time I had to. I erased all my DVD+RW because I wanted to recycle them, but my computer crashed where I had stored the vidies. I lost so much memories, especially of my father who passed away. I used ISO buster and recovered them ALL. Thank You!

    M.G.C., El Paso, Texas, USA (IsoBuster: 5/5)

  • Just wanted to say thanks very much for an excellent program; had no problems whatsoever in downloading, license purchase or initial operation. I was able to jump right in and use IsoBuster, and thanks to you I was also able to successfully recover (among other items) over a thousand metafiles I'd had on a DVD (for DTP use) which had taken many months to edit and which I would have been very sorry to lose. You have a fine product and I hope you get lots of business.

    Steve Brandon, Clarksville, Tennessee, USA (IsoBuster: 5/5)

  • Thanks guys I am very happy to have recovered 15 years of "lost" family movies that I copied onto a DVD recorder a few years ago that then died!! I couldn't play them anywhere but your software got them back! Thanks again Best Regards

    Bill Wormald, Australia (IsoBuster: 5/5)

  • I wanted to leave a testimonial but couldn't find a place to do so. I wanted to say "Thank you" over and over again, you have a great product, and I get the feeling your company is a beacon of light in an otherwise gloomy web-world. Your product helps people and you can't put a price on that. Thank you again. I am recommending your product to every other Principal in the school division I work for.

    Rick Bowes, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada (IsoBuster: 5/5)

  • No problem, just a thanks. A friend had three CDs he created on a Marantz, but apparently failed to finalize them. Your software made his day by allowing me to extract the audio as wave files. Maybe you heard the sigh of relief, around 10:30a, Alaska Time. Thanks for some very useful software.

    Mike Sakarias, Auke Bay, Alaska, USA (IsoBuster: 5/5)

  • Today I recovered a partial TrueImage 7.0 file from CD. File size was wrong, and so it was impossible to read data from it. By means of the Demoversion of IsoBuster it was easy to fix this problem. I guess your program saved about one week of scarce resources. Great work, thank you again.

    Christian Lehmann, Switzerland (IsoBuster: 5/5)

  • I have just downloaded you product as I had a CD that the data could not be accessed, I want to say thank you, you product is great all my data is restored and usable. Thank you. I am delighted at how easy and quick it was to recover the files.

    Graeme Petersen, Tauranga, New Zealand (IsoBuster: 5/5)

  • Not sure if you will get this reply but followed what you suggested. The files tested as no read errors so we went ahead and purchased what I will now call a wonderful product. IsoBuster helped recover video we thought we lost. We had family visting from 1500 miles away and was depressed to think we lost footage. Thanks to IsoBuster we were able to find the VOB files which we already knew what to do with as far as editing. Thanks again for helping us recovering our family videos!

    Jay Perkinson & Wendy Murphy, West Islip, New York, USA (IsoBuster: 5/5)

  • I had a lot of pictures with a lot of sentimental value to me on my CD-R and thought I'd lost them forever. Thank goodness I was told about your product ISOBuster - this was the best $59.95 I ever spent! Thanks so much. Happy Fourth of July!

    Joann, Apollo, Pennsylvania, USA (IsoBuster: 5/5)

  • Thank you very much for creating this program that actually works! You don't know how many years I have been searching for just this type of application. I stopped counting at dud-program number 11 sometime last year when I had to have my whole system reinstalled sans a lot of unrecoverable data. Well done, guys! I was very happy to purchase this software that even worked in trial mode! Very Best Regards from Susan Carr - Australia

    Susan Carr, Keith Hall, NSW, Australia (IsoBuster: 5/5)

  • Wonderful product!! I was able to save my work files - all 80 of them - after my system had crashed during a backup. I recommend your product to anyone.

    Donna Sims, Neurology of North Georgia, Lawrenceville, Georgia, USA (IsoBuster: 5/5)

  • Would just like to message you and say how pleased I am with your software. I had corrupted dvds with footage of my daughter growing up which as you could imagine is priceless to me. Nothing I could do could retrieve the information on the dvd disks. I had virtually given up until I came across your software ISOBuster and it retrieved all the information and I now have all my footage back. I would just like to give you this feedback and also will be recommending to everyone I speak to how great your software is. Keep up the excellent work. Also thankyou for your quick response to my problem with the security key. thank you again

    Brett Harder, Perth, WA, Australia (IsoBuster: 5/5)

  • Hello, I am writing just to tell you I think isobuster is great, I sincerely appreciate you providing the free version as i cannot afford the full one but i have used it for years and yet again it has just got me out of a fix by retrieving usable data from the father in laws camcorder when the camcorder itself couldnt read it!! :) Thank you all very much

    Andrew Davies, USA (IsoBuster: 5/5)

  • I have a dvd video camera and a corrupt dvd disk. It was recorded at christmas time and I was so upset at the thought I had lost these precious memories forever. Isobuster successfully read the disk and found the video files and I will be forever grateful to you for this fabulous product!!!!

    Tina Karlsson, Hassall Grove, NSW, Australia (IsoBuster: 5/5)

  • Your program is a lifesaver. I had mistakenly put all of my family pictures from over the years onto a CD-R disc and then deleted them from the pc. I thought they were lost to me. I purchased your software and in just a few minutes I had them all back. So easy to use!

    Brenda Durrington, Suffield, CT, USA (IsoBuster: 5/5)

  • I just purchased your product and it is awsome!!! I used it to recover VOB files from a DVD RW that I initialized on DVD desktop recorder. After I initialized the disc for a new project I realized that I did not make a hard copy of my home movies that were on it. I checked out some of the other CD\DVD recovery softwares but they only supported certain file formats. I needed to recover VOB (and IFO) files on an already newly initialized disc. Your software did it! Thanks for making my day! PS. This was a DVD that was initialized on a home stand alone desktop DVD recorder. The unit spent about 3 minutes initializing the DVD-RW for a new project. After this the recorder said the disk was empty. My PC said the disc was empty. Your product brought back the files that were on the disc and they were in tact (they play)!

    Jeff Hirschfeld, Santa Monica, California, USA (IsoBuster: 5/5)

  • I ran it for the first time in almost year and it informed me of an update. It installed pretty much automatically and no re-registering was necessary. Great stuff. And once again it save months of work on a DVD I was making. I use a stand-alone HD/DVD recorder to save old TV shows and movies that do not exist on DVD and I don't close or finalize the DVD until it is nearly full, so a DVD may contain up to 8 hours of material. On this one it was my fault - I filled it a tad over full and the last file would not record so I knew I was in trouble. I tried to finalize it but it failed. Using your program, in about an hour I recovered all 24 "half-hour" shows, copied the VOBs over to my Mac, renamed them and Toasted them to a new DVD. All in a few hours. I really appreciate what your software can do - extracting data from a DVD that has not been finalized is quite miraculous. Thanks for the great software

    Gerry Dorman, USA (IsoBuster: 5/5)

  • Thank-you so much Peter - I cannot tell you how happy I am to have my Isobuster Pro back!! Sincerely, this is a super product - some time ago, I backed up several gigabytes of precious memories using Roxio's EMC 9 direct cd burning software (drag to disc, UDF or some such thing) I upgraded to EMC 10, and do you think after a PC crash and reinstall/format that I could read those darned discs??? Of COURSE not!! Isobuster reigns SUPREME!! A LOYAL customer

    Romaena Kahmal, Saint Hubert Montreal district Quebec, Canada (IsoBuster: 5/5)

  • A few word of thanks for an amazing product! I scratched a valuable DVD accidentally and it would not play. Polishing out most of the scratches did not make it playable. Isobuster extracted files on the disk for 21 hours (!) and I now have a working copy of the video. I am very happy and relieved.

    Daniel Rafferty, Bay Area, California, USA (IsoBuster: 5/5)

  • Once again IsoBuster comes through. As a sports entertainment company we put on several live wrestling events each year in the North East. Our biggest source of income, even more so than ticket sales, is merchandise. T-Shirts, pictures, and above all DVDs of our events are a huge source of income. We do full DVD production including live commentary at all our shows and it is fed into a master DVD recorder. For the second time we had a problem reading the master dvd when we went to do the post production. I tried everything, this would literally mean thousands of dollars down the drain, but to no avail, no program, system, or software could get me my data. I read about ISOBuster and decided to buy it and give it a whirl, best investment ever!!!! It saw it, recoverd the lost video, and saved the show. It happened again recently with 2 master dvd's and IsoBuster had it in our editing software in less than an hour, saving money and countless hours of work not having to pull the video off the digital tapes, which has no commentary on them anyways. I'm a computer Engineer by trade and know alot about data recovery, methods, programs, and tricks to get data from corrupt files, but ISOBuster was the only trick I needed. Thanks again for a great product that actually does what it claims.

    Derek Martel, Squared Circle Wrestling, Cicero, NY, USA (IsoBuster: 5/5)

  • I've been using your interface since 1999 or so, as the occasion called for it, and have witnessed the evolving product grow and become more and more useful, intuitive and generally speaking, 'push-button'. Kudos. As a self-taught technician, I had the advantage/hindrance of no freaking idea of what I was, (...and still am.), doing, so in the beginning, it was a godsend...as I grew, I found more and more times your program had become virtually mandatory in my arsenal of defense against the vagaries of stupidity, ineptness and general lack of understanding the people I helped, (Including my own, at times.), exhibited. It finally came to my attention that I have, for quite some time, owed a great deal of my appreciation, success, and of course increased understanding of these amazing toys we all have come to rely on and of course, that I owed more than that. It is long overdue and, in my case, with great pride and thanks, that I purchased an actual license for this, the latest ver. of isobee. It is my pleasure and with apologies that it took me so long, to do so. Thank You. I am truly still indebted to to you, and I will be purchasing a business license for your product in the near future.

    Kenneth Phillips, North Hollywood, CA, USA (IsoBuster: 5/5)

  • Your software to recover files on a corrupt CD is absolutely fantastic. During my recent service mission to Africa, I had periodically moved hundreds of photo files to several CD's to keep my camera's memory card available for more photos. When I returned home, I was devastated to see that one of the CD's was "empty"--no photos! I tried several tricks to get my PC to "see\" the disk, but to no avail. I even took it to an onsite data recovery company and was told that there was no data on the disk at all--not even formatting info. I was crushed. I had a feeling that there was indeed data on the disk, so I went online, searched for CD recovery software and found IsoBuster.

    Richard Katz, Evanston, Illinois, USA (IsoBuster: 5/5)

  • Hello, I bought the program a few days ago. Even though I paid for it, I just wanted to tell you how much this program is appreciated. I was able to extract files from a personal "back up" DVD that had not closed properly so I could not open it with any dvd player/burner. I backed up the files before reinstalling my OS. This back up was all my photos, programs (exe), utilities, documents, etc. Irreplaceble! Thanks a lot for a great program. :)

    Bonnie Collins, Burbank, CA, USA (IsoBuster: 5/5)

  • Thanks to isobuster a major problem I had tried to solve for three weeks was solved immediately. I have a data base to which I add weekly and each week I copy the updated file to a cd-r using the Microsoft program. With each update I replaced the existing file on the cd. A module failure occurred which corrupted the file on the hard drive which meant the file on the cd-r was also corrupted. The file could not be opened and I was facing the prospect of reinstating my 2007 archive then inputting nearly six months of data. Fortunately it occurred to me finally that since I was using a cd-r I might be able to recover a previous good version of the file. Typing 'multisession' into Google and going through some of the results found me IsoBuster. Downloading the free version got me my file back immediately so by way of thanks for saving me many hours of work I have today purchased Isobuster.

    George Harrison, Perth, Western Australia (IsoBuster: 5/5)

  • No problem. Just wanted to say thanks for a great product! I recovered files from a multisession dvd that had not been finalized easily.

    Edward Hermanson, Portland, Oregon, USA (IsoBuster: 5/5)

  • Just to say thanks - I tried 5 other products but IsoBuster was the only one to see the files on the dodgy CD, never mind save them!

    David Brear, Otley, West Yorkshire, UK (IsoBuster: 5/5)

  • Brilliant software. Tried lots of alternatives none of which came anywhere close to IsoBuster. My camcorder completely messed up the disk but IsoBuster recovered almost all of the video. Thanks.

    David Ferguson, Cambridge, UK (IsoBuster: 5/5)

  • Just wanted to say a big thank you. I travelled through Europe for six weeks with my wife and my trusty DVD camera. I think I formatted instead of finalised the discs and was in deep trouble. I sent the discs to a company who offer their services for heaps of dollars and almost guarantee success. THEY FAILED. Isobuster did it for me and at a fraction of the price, now we can now enjoy our trip all over again.

    Wayne Mitchell, Waramanga, ACT, Australia (IsoBuster: 5/5)

  • Your software works great and is easy to use. I have recovered three DVDs worth of media so far. Thanks

    Wayne Deakin, Carlisle, Pennsylvania, USA (IsoBuster: 5/5)

  • FYI - I was able to get my video from my disc! I can't believe it. I had spent three - four hours trying to get something to even recognize the disc, let alone get the information. I searched on the internet for other people who couldn't get information from a disc and someone recommended IsoBuster. It is the only program that actually found the information and now, thanks to IsoBuster, I was able to recover the video. This video was taken of two public works employees that spent all day with me while I videotaped them doing their work. I was sure the video was gone and I would have to redo the whole day. This would not have gone over well with the employer. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Great product!

    Ann Pudoff, Folsom, CA, USA (IsoBuster: 5/5)

  • We had a Movie DVD that we created at our church. It did not successfully finalize in the DVD recorder and it was not readable on any DVD recorder or player. I got everything to work with your IsoBuster data recovery tool. I successfully extracted all the files with IsoBuster (per your Tips and Tricks "How to recover Video data from a DVD"). I then copied all the files from the Video_TS folder into my NTI DVD burner Add box (Laptop) and successfully burned a new copy (per your Tips and Tricks "How to re-create a DVD from the full set of VIDEO_TS files on my hard drive"). We were extremely excited to get this video back. It was one of the most important video sessions we have had in a long time and were very worried that we had lost it. I am VERY thankful I found your program and was able to restore our DVD.

    Bob Erickson, St. Paul, Minnesota, USA (IsoBuster: 5/5)

  • Did not really think your programme would recover my corrupt MP3 files originally recorded on tape cassettes and backed up on a rewritable CD-RW disc twenty years later when the cassettes were long gone. Well -- IT DID! Thanks guys.

    Ron Harrison, Cheshire, UK (IsoBuster: 5/5)

  • Just wanted to say thank you so much for your wonderful product! I had a cd containing over 100 pictures which I foolishly hadn't copied anywhere else. Murphy's Law the disk got corrupted & I thought that was that.... valuable pictures gone forever. I Google'd the web for any solution that might be out there & came across your website. Within 10 minutes of purchasing your product I had my pictures back!! Absolutely wonderful & so easy to use. Highly recommend it to anyone with similiar problems. Thanks again,

    Richard O'Connor, Dublin, Ireland (IsoBuster: 5/5)

  • I purchased your program and it's working flawlessly to recover my InCD UDF files. Very easy to get up and running. It has a very intuitive interface and I'm not having any problems. Thank you very much!

    Mike Farrell, Houston, TX, USA (IsoBuster: 5/5)

  • We purchased Isobuster yesterday to recover data from two dvds that both had the same files. We make two copies of all dvds and our dvd drive could not read either one, which is rare. We searched the internet for data recovery software and looked at many programs. The ones that were totally free could not read our dvds. Isobuster read them instantly. We paid for the full version and recovered our files easily. We are very pleased with Isobuster.

    Mark Peterson, Peterson Aerial Photography Inc., Minnetonka, MN, USA (IsoBuster: 5/5)

  • THANK YOU!! That's my first response, because you just saved yet another "once in a lifetime" DVD. I just recorded a Funeral service at our Church, and the Samsung DVD-R157 DVD Recorder that I was recording on, failed to finalize the DVD at the end of the service..... and I was at a loss for what to do (I couldn't very well ask them to do the entire funeral over again, now could I). So, knowing that the video was actually there, just not finalized properly (and the DVD recorder wanted nothing to do with that disc at that point), I Googled around for a DVD Recovery software tool, and found yours. I downloaded the trial version, and it quickly found all kinds of possible files able to be recovered, so I made the online license purchase and VIOLA! It recovered EVERYTHING on that DVD, sans one tiny little piece at the end that I recorded, which didn't matter. The family of the deceased was EVER-so thankful that this tool existed! Their other family members, who were unable to travel to be at the funeral, will now get to see what a wonderful memorial service it was. I had also downloaded a couple other programs at the same time, but neither of them held a candle to the capabilities of IsoBuster. Many thanks again, and this tool has become a permanent addition to my ministry work... as there were previous losses that never got recovered... but never again it seems!

    Ps. Ron Chinnery, Dir. of Media Ministries, Sheffield Family Life Center, Kansas City, MO, USA (IsoBuster: 5/5)

  • Bought your program today after I accidently erased my backup DVD which has absolutely all my programs & casual games stored on it. Within 20 seconds, I found everything and extracted to my hard-drive. You are an absolute lifesaver as it would had taken me weeks to get everything back and the registration codes as they too were saved on a text document on the disc! Thanks!

    Ryan Hayward, Perth, Australia (IsoBuster: 5/5)

  • I'd just like to express my gratitude for this excellent product. I had the first year of my daughter's life (including the birth!) all stored on a DVD. When I came to finalise the disk in my recorder last week the machine broke down during the finalise. The disk became unreadable and I started to panic. I tried a number of applications which failed to recognise any data on the disk until Isobuster was recommended to me. It found the data within seconds and I was able to extract the .VOB files and reconstruct the DVD. Thanks!

    Patrick Martin, London, UK (IsoBuster: 5/5)

  • WOW!!! What an absolute LIFE SAVER! I just reformatted my laptop's hard drive and installed my operating system from scratch. I thought I was smart, having backed up all of my document files to DVD and I even verified that the discs worked in my dvd drive. However, after the OS reinstall, the discs appeared empty. I then tried two other machines and the discs still looked empty. I know data was burned onto them...I could even see the "burn marks" on the back of the discs. I scoured the internet for help and almost all answers pointed to faulty burns or bad discs. I amost gave up but found a reference to trying ISO Burner. Voila! It took ISO Buster all of 30 seconds to restore ALL of my missing data that NO other drive or computer could read. What an absolute Life Saver!!!! A huge thank you to Peter and ISO Buster. That was the best $59.95 I've ever spent!

    Chris Martin, Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina, United States (IsoBuster: 5/5)

  • I just want to THANK YOU for Isobuster. As a church musician I had over 800 hours of work saved on CD's (very important stuff!!) and discovered my new computer could not read the CDs. Isobuster read them and I was able to recover everything. It was so worth the small fee you require.

    Martha Glaser, Ferryville, WI, United States (IsoBuster: 5/5)

  • Friend had a knowledgeable "PC Doctor" back up his computer, burning a DVD of all the files covering many years of personal and business related documentation and family photographs. The photos had been gathered for a 65th birthday event for the wife. The computer was then reformatted to solve a persistent problem. Guess what... the backup DVD was unreadable in any PC. As a fairly savey PC user I had used ISOBUSTER 1.0 to solve a problem andupgraded to 2.0 in appreciation for it having saved me from a disaster with an unreadable photo archive disk. And as you would expect ISOBUSTER 2.0 saved my friend as well. I was able to recover all the data. This is a problem godsend.

    Patrick G Whittingham, Stouffville, Ontario , Canada (IsoBuster: 5/5)

  • We used our stand-alone VHS/DVD recorder to capture over 3 hours of live performances at a recent concert/dance recital. We ran our video camera into the video input and sound from the main mixing board to the audio input. It was a multi-camera shoot and we were relying on the high quality audio from the DVD recorder. Well, the event ended and someone walked by and unplugged our system - while it was still recording! We tried to load the DVD but it showed as BLANK. By looking at the disc we could see that there was data on it, but could not read it in ANY machine. Even IsoBuster saw the disc as blank. Since it needed a file system to be written on it, we put it back into our stand-alone VHS/DVD recorder and recorded about 5 seconds, then pressed STOP. This wrote the file system onto the disc and although no other machine could read the disc, IsoBuster was able to recover our 3.5 hour concert. You have saved the day once again! Thanks for such an incredible product and great tech support! Editorial comment: The file-system explanation may not be the best one in this particular case. But thank you Andrew for your feedback and great to hear that your data could be saved.

    Andrew Bower, Cameron Park, CA, United States (IsoBuster: 5/5)

  • This isn't a problem, it's a big THANKS! Isobuster really saved my butt last night. I know I shouldn't depend on packet-writing programs, but I've never (before) had the slightest problem and the one I use (DLA) is so convenient.... Well, something happened somewhere with Windows Updates and now the program is crashing when I try to eject a disc, making the disc unreadable. I have this one DVD filled with tons of archival programs, updates, etc. I thought it was toast, but Isobuster retrieved EVERYTHING, even though Windows said it couldn't access the disc (and therefore the 4 GB were "empty"). I bought the program a while ago just as one of the safety tools I keep on my rig. In one night Isobuster completely paid for itself. Thanks!

    Christian B. Hart, Los Angeles, CA, United States (IsoBuster: 5/5)

  • I got the message: "Read error. The PathTable (Joliet) couldn't be read properly. Only 0 out of 1 Blocks could be read. Read error at address 350359. Device reported error 03/11/00" I don't know if this error message is about my hardware or ISOBuster. It did not stop ISOBuster from recovering all 18 files from the cd for me and I was very impressed. Appreciate your advice about the error message?

    John Crosland, United States (IsoBuster: 5/5)

  • I just wanted to make a comment on your product. All I can say is this. I BOW-DOWN TO THE MASTERS. Thank You for the best dang software that has ever been invented. I had HP Pavillion PC I never sealed my disc to use on another OS and by doing that My OS XP couldn't or wouldn't read the information on the files (CD's) I knew they where there. But now thanks to ISOBuster I have every single disc back and there all readable again. All 455 family vid and Pic's disc are back and the joy of being able to see my mother again was worth every penney. I would of paid 8 times the amount I did for this program it's that Dam Good. Your Customer for Life

    Charles T. Werenczak, Jamestown, NY, United States (IsoBuster: 5/5)

  • Thanks for the clearest tutorial on a most difficult subject How to re-create a DVD from one or more VOB files on my hard drive. If only others could do likewise. Brilliant!

    Ian Mac, United Kingdom (IsoBuster: 5/5)

  • I just wanted to let you know that you have made my wife & I very happy. I managed to lose some precious photos of two of our children 3 or 4 years ago and I have tried numerous programs to try and recover them as well as consulting with "the experts". All efforts failed but I was convinced that the data was still on the CD. I saw your program on File Hippo and thought I would give it a go fully expecting another failed promise. I couldn't have been more wrong. So much so that I sat here at 1.15 am backing them up and writing to you. I can't thank you enough.

    Kevin Johnson, Cowes, United Kingdom (IsoBuster: 5/5)

  • We are at the beginning of a very important project with a tight time frame. Our client sent us a DVD that we needed to review and choose video clips to include in a "Walk-In" video that we are creating for their National Sales Conference. On Friday, we took the DVD, put it in our duplicator and created two copies. Much too our chagrin the copies AND the original were corrupted. After checking the discs on numerous players we got very worried. Today I downloaded your software, located the instructions and EASILY recovered the DVD. What a lifesaver!!! We can continue on schedule and won't be embarrassed by going back to the client and saying we had a problem with "the only copy" of their DVD. THANK YOU for creating a fantastic product.

    Peter Gordon, Kay MultiMedia, New York, NY, United States (IsoBuster: 5/5)

  • I've never written a product review before, but I had to for this product! This is the best 30 dollars I've spent in a long time. I had 30 gigs of musics from 10 years of cd's that I copied using Windows drag and drop. I haven't been able to read them (after stupidly deleting them on the old computer) for three months now. After trying what I thought was every product out there, yours finally worked. Thanks for saving my music collection!

    Michael Mebane, New York, NY, United States (IsoBuster: 5/5)

  • I just wanted to say that your program saved almost 1000 pictures that me and my friends took on our vacation in Florida. Thank YOU for making this awesome program!!! Regards from 4 happy Swedes...

    Patrick Gottlieb, Uddevalla, Sweden (IsoBuster: 5/5)

  • Thanks Peter. My mistake. I'll tell you what, your product is a real lifesaver. I have years of pictures saved on DVD as a backup. When I needed it I couldn't open it. Over 2,000 pictures of 9 grandkids and family. With iso-buster I was able to retrieve them all. I tell everyone I talk to about DVD backups for pictures that they should get a copy of your product. Again, thanks from me and GrandMa.

    William J. Ryle, GrandPa, Ellabell, GA, United States (IsoBuster: 5/5)

  • ISOBuster is the best. One of my users erased a DVDRW that she had family photo's on. Using your program we were able to recover all the photos off the dvd. We found your program by doing a google search for "DVD Recovery". I will say I was skeptical about the product at first but I have no problems in saying "ISOBuster WORKS!!!" and if you need to recover a DVD or CD, stop looking and click the buy now. You can't go wrong for the price of the program.

    JR Williams, Senior Systems Engineering Architect, Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin, United States (IsoBuster: 5/5)

  • Just wanted to let you know what a lifesaver ISOBUSTER was yesterday. I had found that one of my major OS disks was cracked and unreadable to boot from (XP) and so I could not do an XP repair. This meant the PC was down completely. ISOBUSTER, after a few tries of straightening out the cracked disk in the CD rom, was actually able to recover the files. I then had to use a 3rd party CD burn program to make another bootable disk, and then copied the recovered files to it. THANK YOU!

    Mariann, MDS Computer Services, Charleston, SC, United States (IsoBuster: 5/5)

  • Just wanted to say THANKS. I found your software sometime in '99 then lost it in a HDD crash later that year. Anyway I just found it again and realized that this is by far the best and fastest data recovery software out there! Keep up the great work! Thanks.

    Steve, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA (IsoBuster: 5/5)

  • I have a cd camera and during use the cd became currupted (file error) I had a few pictures that I wouldnt be able to do again. The cd was unsable in any computer. Product worked great. Thanks for a wonderful product. You saved a few good memories on that disk. THANKS AGAIN

    Connie Owens, Dundee Michigan, United States (IsoBuster: 5/5)

  • I had been searching the Internet for days, and even the big-name brands could not offer me any software that would save my DVD home footage I had been painstakingly compiling for a friend's birthday. Even a specialist told me "essentially you're stuffed". Then, by chance I stumbled across your product. I cannot tell you how grateful I am; you have saved an utterly irreplacable memento and gained me a reputation as a hero... I think you deserve the credit more... I shall be recommending your software to anybody who asks for help on such matters in future!

    Owen Franklin, Bristol, United Kingdom (IsoBuster: 5/5)

  • Thank you so much ISOBuster has managed to get back some pictures I thought I would never see again. What a fantastic product

    Martin Cohen, Farnborough Hampshire, United Kingdom (IsoBuster: 5/5)

  • OMG I scratched an audio CD (could see right thru the disc!) and nothing would play it anymore, I tried every trick, scratch-fixer and cleaning item but no go on anything - then I was told I would never listen to my 180+ mp3's since I scratched the label part of the disc. That was 2 years ago, I never threw it out, and then I see a link to IsoBuster on a forum on Google for people trying to fix their scratched CD's and DVD's, and basically everyone knew that if the label is scratched, your disc is garbage - Not So!.... I figured I'd give it a try with your free version. Can you imagine my surprise when my CDrom was able to finally see the files, with IsoBuster?? Not only that, I was able to remove all the damaged files (like 19) and send the good files to my hard drive, and I burned a good, working CD! Thank you so much!

    Cindy Parisi Arriaga, Chicago Illinois, United States (IsoBuster: 5/5)

  • Just bought IsoBuster 30 minutes ago after intensive search on the internet, trying other products that didn't work. Haven't been able to sleep for 2 days after losing important and unique pictures on a CD-RW that became unreadeable on any machine. Oh my God: you saved my life... everything came back... THANKS AGAIN! Great team, great technicians, great software...

    André Barrière, Sherbrooke (Quebec), Canada (IsoBuster: 5/5)

  • I had been looking at it and thought it was a good piece of software, but really no need for it. Famous last words. I've been scanning some old photos of my dad's (up to 14 DVDs full - yes, FULL) and have been making jpg and tif copies of the scanned files as well. Tonight I found that the number 2 disk of TIF pictures was there, but "nothing" on it. As you can imagine, this is taking quite a bit of hard drive space and I have been deleting as I go...have the raw copies of the missing files, but would need to load and convert....not a nice thought. Hey, wait a minute, wonder what ISOBuster would do? Came to the rescue in the twinkling of an eye (ok, maybe a bit longer than that, but I do have a couple hundred TIF photos back in pretty short order). THANKS VERY MUCH! for your product and I couldn't get here fast enough to register it.

    Tom, Kansas City, United States (IsoBuster: 5/5)

  • Thank you so much, ISOBuster has managed to get back some pictures I thought I would never see again. What a fantastic product

    Martin Cohen, Farnborough Hampshire, United Kingdom (IsoBuster: 5/5)

  • Thanks for including my suggestion of a sort option like Windows Explorer in the new IsoBuster update. I back up my data to DVD-R and DVD+R using Nero multisessions with these options: replace files with changed date or size, add new files, and remove deleted files. I name each session with the date. Windows Explorer sees only the latest versions of the files in the folders, but with IsoBuster I can go back in time to any of the preceding sessions. It's the perfect way to get old versions out. I set Nero to the UDF file system for the best compatibility with long file names and paths. With the new sort options in IsoBuster it's easy to find what I'm looking for in folder and file lists. It's also great to know that if a disk should deteriorate, IsoBuster will probably read it!

    Ed, Eureka, California, USA (IsoBuster: 5/5)

  • Wow, Your ISO buster saved my data. I had 3.5gig of very sensitive data that I couldn't read. Months of scans and hundreds, maybe thousands of hand scanned documents. I learned a valuable lesson. BACKUP THE BACKUPS! I now have 4 duplicate copies of this data. Thanks for making this software.

    Scott Oberst, IA, USA (IsoBuster: 5/5)

  • Thanks for your quick assistance and a great program. I can't tell you how many clients that I have who use UDF packet writing software who can't seem to close out their disks. No matter how many times I explain it, they never seem to be able to do it. Your program is a life saver....

    John W. Harrison, Victoria TX, USA (IsoBuster: 5/5)

  • I was able to successfully install IsoBuster with your help. The first time I used it was a miracle. I had a CD backup of an old DOS program that I had on my old WIN98 computer and when I had first tried to read it, it showed as a blank disk. Using Isobuster I could immediately read the data and transfer it in usable form to my new XP computer. That has saved me several hundred hours of work since the data represents 30 years of collecting my family geneologic data that would have had be re-entered, Thanks for your fine product.

    John C. Speaks, Williamsville New York, USA (IsoBuster: 5/5)

  • Hello, Thank you, just wanted you to know how wonderful I think your product is. On Christmas Day, I happened to receive a virus, a new one not listed on any of the AV sites. My Anti Virus software could not clean the infected files, I even tried some of the "free" on-line scans with no success cleaning or healing the infected files. I had no choice but to delete the files knowing well that I would have to reinstall my OS. After cleaning the virus, I backed up my files in Windows XP using the "Files and Settings Transfer Wizard" onto CD, all seemed to go well, I could see data being written to the disk. After reinstalling my OS and other software I was not able to transfer my files back to my machine, neither of my optical drives would see the data on the disk I created. I even tried another machine and it would not see any data on the disk either. I'm not sure if it was related to the virus directly or some of the registry keys I deleted corrupted the transfer. I then tried using Iso Buster. Now my freshly loaded machine did see and extract the data from the disk. What a relief!! I saved years of files, pictures and personal information. Everything transferred except for mail in my In/Out boxes. At that point I did not care. Iso Buster is the best $59.95 I ever spent! Happy New Year!

    Mark McNeil, Orlando, Florida, USA (IsoBuster: 5/5)

  • I just want to let you know that I purchased Isobuster 1 hour ago. It helped me to restore 350 digital-fotos from an old CD which could not be read by any equipment. Isobuster was an easy way to get all of them back, and these fotos were important for me. Thank you very much for being helpful with Isobuster. Such a good Shareware! Sincerely, Dieter.

    Dr. Dieter Giese, Heppenheim, Germany (IsoBuster: 5/5)

  • I am writing to extend my thanks to your excellent piece of software, truly excellent. A couple of years ago, I had Windows ME with Easy CD creator platinum 5, My PC was showing signs of trouble so I backed my files up using the drop files in CD facility, however I failed to close the CD, anyway I decided to upgrade to XP, only to my horror that my computer would say that the CD are blank..I sought advice I got told on many occasions that it was a lost cause.. after being referred by the Computer Upgrade magazine in the UK I have now managed to recover all my files, thanks to your software. Many Thanks

    Bilal khalifa, Warwickshire, UK (IsoBuster: 5/5)

  • Wonderful product! Was able to retrieve backups made with Sony abCD. Thank you!

    Stan Pachter, La Jolla, CA, USA (IsoBuster: 5/5)

  • I purchased a new computer recently. With it came new software and hardware. My CD-ROM would not read a cd containing 3 years worth of newsletters from my bicycle club. To say the least I was frantic. The cd burning software support referred me to a program called IsoBuster. It was like a knight in shining armor came along. All my data was saved. I was very pleased. Then when it happened again with another cd I was prepared. Thank you IsoBuster. You saved the data.

    Phil Renaud, Brantford, Ontario, Canada (IsoBuster: 5/5)

  • Hello! Just to tell you how glad I am! Yesterday evening, I downloaded IsoBuster and made a short evaluation, and came back for buying the license. Less than one hour later, a great problem I had with a scratched DVD for about 16 months (lost of a big amount of critical data and photos) was finally solved. I recovered ALL data, still considered as unrecoverable by lot of other programs. Info: this DVD had been UDF formatted using DirectCD. So, thank you.

    Michel Schmit, France (IsoBuster: 5/5)

  • I was miserable after I had used a wrong command on my DVD Handycam recorder. The menu is not very intuitive on this f.... machine and perhaps I am a little too human. All the 40th birthday recordings of my wife were erased! After many downloaded programs, I found yours. It's magic it recovered my movie (and even the movie recorded before...). Thank you. With your software's help, I can continue to be alive ;-)

    François Cossid, France (IsoBuster: 5/5)

  • I just want to say one thing. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I have tried and bought many softwares over the years, but none can compare to yours. Yours really works. You saved my life many times. Most people do not realize that when they save to a CD or DVD that their data is not always readable when needed. Without this software, I would have lost very important data.

    Rose Dieda, NY, USA (IsoBuster: 5/5)

  • I'm writing because my case might be slightly different or mildly interesting. Basically I was able to use IsoBuster to extract the data I needed from a DVD which was burnt by a fancy DVD-Recorder product in Japan. It was a just-released machine with a hard-disk, tape recorder and DVD-RW all in one. Someone recorded a family video for me from VHS-tape to DVD-R and then sent it to me in Australia. The DVD-R firstly wasn't recognised by Windows at all - and certainly not by any DVD player. Of course, IsoBuster was able to find data on there and retrieve a.VOB file which I was then able to convert and edit and a family video was saved! Thank you.

    Peter van der Woude, Australia (IsoBuster: 5/5)

  • To Smart Projects, With your IsoBuster Pro, I was able to access unreadable CDs where I kept a great many family pictures. With this program, I quickly and easily transferred the recovered data from these unreadable CDROMs on my computer hard disk. Whereas my computer was not able to read these disk, IsoBuster enabled a reading of these picture disks. What a relief! My family pictures saved!! It was well worth the $59.95, and a lot more!! Thank you.

    Alain C. de la Brousse, USA (IsoBuster: 5/5)

  • Dear Peter, Thank you; thank you; thank you!!! I was able to recover all my business e-mails from the last year. Your software is phenomenal!! When I first loaded the CD, there was nothing showing. I had to use the option, "Find lost files and folders" and it worked like a charm. I used to be fearful of backing up anything onto a CD but, not anymore. Best regards,

    Garth Palanuk, Canada (IsoBuster: 5/5)

  • Dear Sir, There are many incredibly clever programmes available, but few succeed in being mysteriously effective AND an education as well; I have learnt a huge amount just from ISO's help files.......more than I have from several books on the subject. AND.... what can be recovered is quite staggering - old CDs which seemed absolutely beyond help yielded huge amounts of stuff where other recovery applications failed or simply hung. Most impressive, especially when an ancient avi file can be run FROM THE DISC where others failed to detect anything at all! Congratulations regards

    Tony Jack, UK (IsoBuster: 5/5)

  • The program exided my expectations. I was truly amazed at how easy it worked to recover some pictures I could never replace from a corrupted CD. I could never figure out how the corruption occurred. I cannot thank you enough for the results and I have recommended the program to all of my friends.

    Marty Brooklyn, NY, USA (IsoBuster: 5/5)

  • If I could reach across the internet and shake your hands, I would. I had a 6 year old Windows 98SE computer that I had backed up 6 years of data and family pictures onto CD's. Last week my hard drive completely failed and I lost everything. I bought a new Windows XP system and when I put my cd's in to restore my data and picture files, I got an "UDF error. Unreadable disc." message. I took my CD's to my office computer and my friends computer and got the same message. I thought I had lost all of my work for 6 years. Last night, on Google, I stumbled across ISOBUSTER and purchased it. I figured that for $59.95 I would give it a shot. It found all of my files and they all work fine now. I couldn't believe it. The purchasing transaction and installation went smoothly too. Thank you very much for your wonderful product. I was upset about the data but really upset about losing all of my family pictures. You have a great product. Keep up the good work.

    Brad Hahn, Indiana, USA (IsoBuster: 5/5)

  • Your program works so well that I am completely amazed. Programs like this usually only live up to about half of their expectations. Yours exceeded mine by 100% (a first). Question: I also need a similar utility for NTFS hard drive recovery. do you know of one that works as well as yours does on DVD's?

    Mike Cook, USA (IsoBuster: 5/5)

  • A testimony to a great product. Thanks for helping me save the DVD+R disc that my Lite On LVW-5007 had erased. Best $59.95 US I ever spent on any software.

    Kenneth Otto, Cocoa, Florida, USA (IsoBuster: 5/5)

  • Just wanted to let you know that IsoBuster is the greatest software I have ever used. Being an indie musician I keep a lot of my files on CD. 2 of my CDs were unreadable until I used IsoBuster. It not only found my files, but brought them back in their original format so I could use them with the original software. THANKS A BUNCH!!!!! I have been trying to pull these files off the discs forever. The only software that came close to it was xxx. But it would not pull up the file names, did not recognize midi or orc files, and cost $89, which I wasn't really ready to part with yet. IsoBuster not only recognized the file names, but brought them back in their entirety.

    Jeff "Tink" Tincher - Music Label: NiteLife Music (IsoBuster: 5/5)

  • Not a problem but a thank you. We have just returned from an extended holiday during which I took some 300 digital photos. In my hurry to burn them onto a CD the CD became corrupted and I thought I'd lost the lot. For some £17 sterling I have now recovered them all; I can (and will) unhesitatingly recommend your company to any contacts or colleagues who experience a similar problem. Thank you.

    David & Julia, UK (IsoBuster: 5/5)

  • Hi Peter, Phew, Thanks for this tool, saved my neck. I managed to corrupt an important project file I had been working on for days and days. Being an engineer I am almost always in the habit of keeping multiple backups of files like this, this is perhaps the first time I broke that habit... And of course I have never had a corrupt CD before now. So after a few hours of panic, I was relieved to find your tool has recovered my file. I now have several backup copies,...

    Stuart Goggin, Melbourne Australia. (IsoBuster: 5/5)

  • Usual story, a trashed CDRW .... (buggy firmware on my rather well known dvd writer) Searched for freeware/shareware to recover the files Tried a few, nothing came close to isoBuster 1.7 in demonstrating the capability of recovering my files. Your freeware/shareware strategy is excellent - your freeware gave me the confidence to buy your shareware - your price is fair so I am happy to pay a fair price for very good software. IsoBuster 1.7 made it seem so simple to recover my files. I'm so pleased I bought it. Best wishes to you all.

    Allan Moore (IsoBuster: 5/5)

  • Job done, I thought I had lost many valuable family photographs such as births, parties and holidays over the years, You have saved my life, thank

    Tom Broadfoot, UK (IsoBuster: 5/5)

  • A Ulead movie making product recently trashed half a DVD-RAM disk without me even writing anything to it (That is insane, these things should only happen during a write, not a read) and I thought I had lost all my important data. Thanks to your product, I was able to recover the other half of the DVD intact. Their driver clashed with the native BHA corp DVD-RAM disk driver for my hardware and didn't even warn me!! Your product was a worthwhile purchase and saved my software and my sanity. Thank you.

    Miklós G Bolváry, Australia (IsoBuster: 5/5)

  • I just wanted to thank you for the excellent way your program recovered my CD data. This CD contained all my companies receipts from 1997 / 2000 and was irretrievable in any cd reader. I needed this cd for an audit, you're a life saver...

    Bob N. Pres.CCW Inc., Canada (IsoBuster: 5/5)

  • I just wanted to tell you that your program made me look like a hero recovering data in a UDF CD that XP couldn't read. Thanks for writing it. It was happily paid for and that is rare indeed.

    Michael Mccormack, USA (IsoBuster: 5/5)

  • Hi Guys! IsoBuster is great! Thank you for your help to recover my presumably lost pictures.

    Zbigniew A. Popis, Largo, FL (IsoBuster: 5/5)

  • Thank You Thank You Thank You!!!! I am looking at my pictures now! SOoooo Fast!!! Worked like a dream! Excellent product! Superb Service. Worth every penny Thank You again.

    Edgar lob (IsoBuster: 5/5)

  • Hello. This is not a support request. I only want to congratulate with you for you excellent job! I just succeeded today in recovering an audio cd, in mp3 format, I recorded for myself with my preferred songs; the cd had been cracked, in the physical meaning, I ' ve been able to read it and recover. I must admit that I had first to use a product for nails I stole from my wife, (it is a transparent for nails that helped masking the cracked area, helping refraction. By the way only Isobuster was able to read it, nor Windows XP, nor Win Rip. Ciao a Tutti

    Roberto, Italy (IsoBuster: 5/5)

  • Hi, Just want to let you know that I tried 3 different software solutions presumably "best of all" AND "pay before you do something" that didn't do any thing good about may missing files on CD before I finally tried your great Iso-Buster software. Your program recovered these files in a second. I was absolutely astonished! Wished I didn't throw away those CD's that I thought were un-recoverable. Best regards,

    Christian Charbonneau, Montréal Québec, Canada (IsoBuster: 5/5)

  • Dear Peter, I bought IsoBuster today at the suggestion of the Nero support team. I have a CD, very precious, which I have been unable to open. I can hardly believe it, but your amazing program was able to read it!! It was also able to open a CD of my Mother's which was corrupted while it was being closed on her computer. This contained her entire hard drive back-up. We didn't know it was corrupt till we tried to reinstall the data on her formatted hard drive! IsoBuster managed to read and save it for me. I am so grateful - thank you so much. I will tell everyone I know about it; it is worth every penny! Thanks again.

    Christina Carpenter (IsoBuster: 5/5)

  • Hi Peter, What can I say.... THANK YOU, THANK YOU... THOUSAND THANK'S to you... Your beta version (1.6) is amazing, i was almost giving up the recovering of my RW. Beta vers. found 780 images and all are working fine. Many thanks to you, for the personal help.

    Mika, From Finland (IsoBuster: 5/5)

  • Hello Peter ... Isobuster made my day. It enabled me to open two corrupted, unreadable discs containing a collection of photos that couldn't be replaced. Your program worked like a charm! It was the best $59.95 I have spent in a long time.

    Ruth (IsoBuster: 5/5)

  • I would like to thank you for making this software. I had already lost my hope to recover my source code I wrote in VB. ISOBuster recovered thousand of my codes from my unreadable CD I thought I will never have my codes again. You are a blessing to me. Thank you very much.

    Myk Asmod, Makati City, Philippines (IsoBuster: 5/5)

  • Hi Guys I just want to say thanks for IsoBuster. Within a few minutes, I recovered pictures I thought I'd lost for ever. For that sort of cost, I reckon everybody who relies on CD's as a back-up medium, should have a copy in their tool case. Once again, many thanks

    Paul A Sylvester, Australia (IsoBuster: 5/5)

  • Dear Peter, IsoBuster saved my data. I am grateful to you. God bless.

    Lynn Hauer, USA (IsoBuster: 5/5)

  • Dear Peter, I would like to thank you for an excellent IsoBuster 1.7 utility which allowed me in a couple of minutes to recover all files inside the corrupted and lost UDF session thus saving more than 200 MB of workshop proceedings on Physics and Chemistry of Clouds and editor's several weeks activity.

    Dr Vasily Smolyanitsky, World Meteorological Organization (WMO), Genève, Switzerland (IsoBuster: 5/5)

  • Dear Peter, I keep all my data backed up on rewritable DVDs (DVD+RW), and recently I was writing a file to the disk using Sonic Record Now software and got a disk corruption message. I then rebooted and reinserted the disk, only to find that it was completely blank. So I had almost given up hope until someone told me about IsoBuster. I then eagerly tried it, and it saved all my data!!!!!! I had over 3.5 GB of irreplaceable data on the disk, and I just wanted to thank you for the truly fine piece of software you created. Take Care,

    Bob, Portland, OR, USA (IsoBuster: 5/5)

  • Thank you so much for your help! This is exactly the information I needed. It is so refreshing to work with someone so knowledgeable and who is so responsive. Have a great weekend!

    Sincerely, Barbara Nightingale, USA (IsoBuster: 5/5)

  • Dear Peter, I downloaded and registered IsoBuster and recovered all my valuable files from a CD. The CD had renamed itself while still in the drive during a power outage. All my files had disappeared and were replaced by three new files: With the help of IsoBuster I could recover all my files. It is a great program. Installation, instructions and operation are easy to use and understand. It is an absolute pleasure to, for a change, obtain a reasonably priced program that works. I wished you would consider making an operating system, that might reduce the frustration, countless hours and money that Gates imposes on most computer owners every day they are forced to battle his monopolized Windows. Thanks again.

    Werner O. Wizemann, Carson City, NV, USA (IsoBuster: 5/5)

  • Dear Peter, It went very well. I could copy everything back off the copy DVD. Checking the zip archives, two of them had an error in one of the constituent files. So I have been able to recover all but two files, and even these were partially recovered. (I guess these winzip errors might well have been there before writing the DVD). Thank you very much for your help. If you need an eye-witness account of the excellence of IsoBuster I'll always be happy to oblige. Best regards

    Andy (IsoBuster: 5/5)

  • Peter, Today, thanks to you, I am my 15 year old daughter's favorite person. Yesterday she was devastated when she discovered her cd, containing a story she has been working on for over a year as well as many mp3s and pictures, no longer worked. She was kicking herself for not having any current backups...especially since this was not the first time she has lost data. The last time it happened, I spent a fortune on software to try to recover her data and failed miserably. Last night I did a quick search for a data recovery tool and found your site. The combination of the $59.95 price tag and the "try before you buy" policy convinced me to try again. Within minutes of downloading the program, we were up and running and found all her files. I quickly paid for and registered the program and in a few more minutes was able to present her with a brand new cd containing all her hard work. She was amazed! Suddenly she was rummaging for her older cd from last year. We tried the same process on it and at first thought it found nothing. A quick trip to the help file showed us a different method to search and we left your program running and went to bed. First thing this morning, she headed back to the computer and there were all her files. That cd had all of her history reports and science presentations from school as well as many short stories she had been working on. She was overjoyed! This program is amazing! Thanks for helping me be a hero in my daughter's eyes.

    Kathy Laux, USA (IsoBuster: 5/5)

  • Hello Peter, I just wanted to take a moment to thank you personally, for making IsoBuster. It really is a unique tool, and has so many uses. I have found it a very useful program indeed! and I look forward to future releases.

    Nicky Boyes, UK (IsoBuster: 5/5)

  • I tried the new version and scanned for missing files and folders and it worked great! The deleted .VRO file was recovered as a .VOB file which could then be viewed using Power DVD and imported into TMPGenc DVD author and converted to DVD. Thank you for your excellent, and prompt, technical support.

    Colin Richards, UK (IsoBuster: 5/5)

  • I just have to THANK YOU for a great program. A couple months ago I lost my life's savings of files (probably a few thousand, literally). My DVD backups (I thought I covered my butt by having two copies) for some reason would not read or show my directory/files. How depressing!!!!! Last night I bought your program and did a full scan ("Find Missing Files or Folders") on a disk that I had "quick formatted" a couple of times and re-copied my copy onto (in an earlier unsuccessful attempt to recover my files). ISOBuster recovered ALL of my files!!! ALL OF THEM!!! I'm so happy =0)

    Roberta E. Traw, USA (IsoBuster: 5/5)

  • I just want to let you know how happy I am that I came across your program. Last year my computer crashed and my new computer would not read two CD's that I had that contained all of my photo's that were very important to me. Thanks so much!!!

    Elaine Gairy, USA (IsoBuster: 5/5)

  • This isn't a support problem, but a hearty thank you. I'm a Tech. Support Manager for a fortune 500 company and thought I had seen it all until a corrupt program wiped out a critical directory for a side business on my personal CD. All other files were there except one directory. After trying several other recovery programs (one couldn't even see the CD at all), I was amazed and thrilled that IsoBuster recovered all of my data! And it was sooooo easy to use. I can't thank you enough!

    Sherry Balice, Rockford, IL, USA (IsoBuster: 5/5)

  • Hi, I wanted to thank you ppl for making this awesome software! I made a DVD full of mp3s and found that the reported capacity in windows was correct but windows explorer only showed around half of the files! Your software has given me access to ALL my mp3s that have taken me years to collect! I am eternally grateful! Thanks

    Paul (IsoBuster: 5/5)

  • Peter, you are a genius! The files not only show up, they extract and they all appear to be good! I've used other recovery tools in the past and had extremely disappointing results. IsoBuster not only recovered the files, it got the filenames right and was *super* easy to use. I have been trying to get this data back literally for years. Thank you!!

    Robert Kesterson, Dallas, TX, USA (IsoBuster: 5/5)

  • I have just purchased IsoBuster on line. I had a couple of CDs of family photos that were no longer readable on my PC and which were irreplaceable. IsoBuster retrieved every file quickly and easily with the minimum of input by me. Thanks for a brilliant product, even if I never use it again it has already been more than worth the price. Even the purchasing and registration processes were rapid and fault free.

    John Moss (IsoBuster: 5/5)

  • Hi Peter. must congratulate you for your program. Absolutely awesome! I could recover 100% of all the files I thought I had lost!!! Magnificent! I have tried many other applications in the past but no one came even near yours...some couldn't even read the CD, others would charge me crazy fees and had to send them the CD because their software couldn't do the job..!! And your price tag, absolute value for money!!! Keep up your excellent work! All the very best.

    Alessandro (An extremely happy customer) (IsoBuster: 5/5)

  • Peter, I don't know how I can possibly express my gratitude to you for creating isobuster! It just saved 6 months worth of documents, photos, and other crucial files of mine. I'm sure you've probably heard all this before a million times, but i've been trying to come to terms with the fact that i probably lost all of those files for a half of a week now...and every other program that i tried to use to recover the files failed miserably. You have no idea how depressed i was! But thanks to your spectacular program, it is all saved!! (I have to rename and organize a lot of the files, but they're there, and that's what counts!!) BY FAR, IsoBuster was the best 25 dollars i've spent in my life. Thanks again!

    Dane Jorgensen (IsoBuster: 5/5)

  • Hi Peter, I've managed to recover most, if not all, of the files that I'd lost with no problems at all. My wife says "Thanks a million for all your help". You have saved us many, many hours of work to reproduce the work that was lost - again Thank You

    Regards, Paul & Jill (IsoBuster: 5/5)

  • Hi Peter, I just wanted to say thanks for a great programme which has enabled me to recover lots of lost data due to problems with my Toshiba CR-R/RW combo. Hopefully my new Plextor will be more reliable! Once again, thanks very much. Regards

    Colin (IsoBuster: 5/5)

  • Hello Peter, Just a quick note to let you know how pleased I was to find your program. My eldest son was killed last year and I had backed up a lot of his work on to CD-RW. He was a talented young guitarist, singer and songwriter. I recently tried to open these backups only to find that somehow they were corrupted, the disk would show in 'My Computer' as a 'UDF' disk. Double clicking it to open the disk only brought up a box asking if I wanted to install 'Adaptec UDF reader'. Installing this still didn't open the files. At this point I thought I had lost everything. A search on the internet found your program which solved my problem. Anyway, your program worked brilliantly and I am able to recover all these important files and photo's etc. Thanks for such an excellent program! I am very grateful for all your hard work in creating this software! Best regards

    Russell (IsoBuster: 5/5)

  • Peter, thanks ever so much... Recovering the data was very important for me. I wish all IT Gurus were just like yourself... helpful, efficient and solution providers! All the best!

    Francesco (IsoBuster: 5/5)

  • The registration was successful and the program amazing. I was able to retrieve all my backup stuff I had made before a complete Hard Drive Restoration.

    William L.Wright (IsoBuster: 5/5)

  • Dear Peter What excellent service and support. (by return!) Thank you so much, now I can carry on using your great isobuster program. I never had a chance to thank you first time...isobuster converted a BIG pile of coasters (unfinalised udf ) back into months of, now retrievable work. You're a good man, keep up the good work. Yours

    John Brockington - P.S. Feel free to copy this anywhere... good news should travel (IsoBuster: 5/5)

  • So far I have used the program on 3 CD's that could not be read in any drive, IsoBuster succeeded in all 3 cases, I have just recommended IsoBuster to another guy in Australia, you should hear from him shortly if he has not already contacted you.

    Ian Twilley (IsoBuster: 5/5)

  • After trying some other programs, I thought some of my CD were unrecoverable. No one could access the UDF structure. But your program really does it and works great! Thanks for that. Best Regards!

    E. Carpio from Mexico City (IsoBuster: 5/5)

  • Just wanted to say I bought IsoBuster today and it's a truly awesome piece of software. IsoBuster is the best utility I've had the good fortune to own and has saved 538Mb's of graphics, demo's and artwork I thought was lost forever. Thanks man, it's the best twenty dollars I've spent in a long time. I'm gonna stop now before I start to sound like an advert. :) Many Thanks!

    Bernie Cavanagh (IsoBuster: 5/5)

  • A while back a Microsoft Outlook PST file "vanished" from one of my CD-RW archives. It contained many messages I desperately didn't want to lose. I looked more in hope than expectation on the internet for something that might help and found Isobuster. The PST file is now restored. Thanks for a brilliant program. Yours sincerely.

    Ken Billis (IsoBuster: 5/5)

  • Nero froze my laptop while burning the lead-in/lead-out at the end of a second session on a CD-R. After reboot, only the second session was available when the CD was in the built-in laptop CD-ROM, while freezing the system when in the USB CD-R/RW writer. This excellent program enabled the CD-ROM to read and recover the lost data. Excellent! Highly Recommended!

    VT, Vancouver, Canada (IsoBuster: 5/5)

  • I'm sure you don't get enough of these but, thank you for all the great freeware!!! I'm not going to give you my life story but I'm on perm. disability and on a fixed Income and can't afford a lot of shareware. So I appreciate folks like you that allow folks like us to get some needed or "Just nice to have" software. Thanks again!

    M. Scott (IsoBuster: 5/5)

  • I was able to recover the data off a bad DVDRW disc. Thank you for your help. What a great program. I don't know what I would do if I lost the data. Thanks.

    Andrew (IsoBuster: 5/5)

  • Peter, Once AGAIN you saved me HOURS and from kicking myself for not making backups of backups. I recently bought a Plextor PX-716A CD/DVD read write drive. It is supposed to be the newest and the greatest thing on the market. The PX716A actually has two lasers one for -R and the other for +R. I didn't see any problems (up the road with ANY of the formatting programs I had been using for years on this drive. What, with two lasers it must emulate everything right?...WRONG. It seems all the 'data' disks (on DVD's) that I, added data to (on the PX716A), are virtually unusable. First, I broke into a sweat then frantically installed the 'old' DVD drive thinking, "ok, I'll just use this, for retrieving my data, I can live with that." WRONG again, the 'old' DVD drive can't retrieve ANYTHING now either. Windows 'Explorer' which I used to 'drag' files to the formatted DVD disk just 'hangs' now! Then I remembered ISOBuster. After several minutes there were ALL my files! After a few minutes of whimpering, sobbing. I calmed down enough to start dragging all the files to my hard disk. I had ABSOLUTELY no problems. Your program didn't hang-up it did the job very nicely. I feel indebted to you and relieved. I'm writing this because I know people, just don't take the time to thank you for, a JOB WELL DONE. I only hear from the 'complainers'. I have my own engineering (hardware design) company and I know if, I don't hear from my customers they're either happy or too disgusted to comment. I RARELY ever hear from the happy customers. Once again, thank you've saved me from a LOT of heartache and a LOT of time recovering what I thought was lost data forever. Well worth the price (over and over again).

    Terry L. Rayborne (IsoBuster: 5/5)

  • I wanted to say thanks for developing IsoBuster, a great little lifesaver. Thinking my data was safe, months ago I archived precious information to CDRW using Roxio directCD. Then the other day, strange things started happening. On one CDRW, all my photo files were inaccessible. What ? Arg! Oh, well. These files had been backed up on a portable Hard Disk. (But what was going on with my disk ?) Incidentally, I tried using Roxio's recovery utility but it was about on par with the DOS CHKDSK of old. Next my archived documents CD was behaving strangely. Files were "read-only" and unerasable. Other problems started to other files on this disk. I couldn't copy them off. My computer started locking up when I tried to access the drive. I was terrified. Fortunately, at Roxio's website, a forum message clued me in to your IsoBuster. And the rest, as they say, is history. You are my hero. Ha! I would be in deep weeds if you had not created this little miracle. Thx!

    Russell J. Bennett from Houston, TX (IsoBuster: 5/5)

  • I purchase you recovery program and I am amazed with your program. I had one CD that my computer didn't recognized anymore and you program really works great. I was able to recover 10.7 MB of images in just a few minutes. I was also amazed how fast and easy it was to use.

    Gaylon Janes. (IsoBuster: 5/5)

  • Than you so much for this wonderful program. I was creating a project for a client in Ulead DVD Picture Maker (very limited in functionality) and got to the final step of burning to CD and for some reason it would not encode (?) extract (?) the proper files to allow for DVD viewing. The program also does not have a functioning player to allow you to preview the Picture Show. (I wasted about 20 hours and 20 cds trying to get this to work!) In the process I was doing some research on the internet and came across your program. I could not believe I was able to extact a .dat file from an image file and do a straight conversion to MPEG Video. AMAZING! You have taken my business to a new level! I haven't even needed to use all the other powerful features yet, but I am sure I will sometime. I will definitely be registering for the full version because you deserve the support for creating and making available such a wonderful product.

    Brynley Edens (IsoBuster: 5/5)

  • I had lost my hard drive except for a few CD's I did happen to make.. Well I had one with *ALOT* of my Artwork that I had created and backed up to a *Multi-Session* CD using Nero Express. The machine I am using now will not read the Multi-session CD even with the latest version of NERO for some reason.. Anyways I tried *ISO Buster* and it immediately saw all the Session Tracks and aloud me to Extract them to the hard disk.. What a Life Saver!!!!, since I am still not working after nearly 2-years and I needed samples of my Graphics to include in my portfolio. As soon as I get back to work and have some Spare Cash, ISO Buster is going to be my first Software Purchase. Thank you for creating it!!!..

    Cheers, Keith L. Dick (IsoBuster: 5/5)

  • Dear Sir / Madam, This is just a short note to say thanks. My Mum and Dad were very concerned about losing all the digital photos they had backed up on a CD. I am absolutely delighted to have been able to re-find them.

    Thank you all very much, Graeme (IsoBuster: 5/5)

  • The software saved four years of digital pictures that I could not access from my CD. The extraction worked like a charm. Thank you, thank you. Regards

    George Sanders (IsoBuster: 5/5)

  • What a great program! You saved my data. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

    Michael Palmer, Australia (IsoBuster: 5/5)

  • Greetings! ISO Buster worked perfectly, saving me a great deal of work re-inputting a large number of newspaper reports from the 18th Century. It also recovered a great quantity of stuff that I had downloaded from the Web. Since this was a single CD (and there are some others I must have a look at some time later) the cost of €20 was a great deal less than the amount of time saved. The best software purchase I have made in a very long time. Regards.

    Michael Harron (IsoBuster: 5/5)

  • Thanks for a great utility, saved my skin, I had lost all my digi photos from past Holidays, recovered them all, can highly recommend, many thanks!

    K Atherton (IsoBuster: 5/5)

  • Thanks for an excellent product. Through out my life, I am 61 now, I have often found it necessary to have aids to assists in accessing various storage media when things go wrong or we did something to mess things up. I often have to access floppy disk that for many reasons the operating system is unable to read. You 'IsoBuster' is as far that I have seen is the only software that will access CD, etc when other fail.

    Stephen Phillips (IsoBuster: 5/5)

  • Eureka, it works and I salvaged the photos that I thought I had lost. I really appreciate the help that you gave me.

    Paul Hitch (IsoBuster: 5/5)

  • I just recovered 1 1/2 months of family photos I had been storing on CD using Adaptec Direct CD... Long story short: Windows crashed while the CD was open, it never properly closed out its session and I was stuck with a CD that couldn't be read by any machine I had access to. Thanks to IsoBuster, the files were extracted off that disk and safely stored elsewhere. Very Cool!

    Joe (IsoBuster: 5/5)

  • A few days ago, I was burning new information to a multi-session CD-R when for some reason still not clear to me, the cd appeared to be completely erased except for the last session. The last session (5th) was approx. 17 meg of (supposedly added) data. Where did the other 285 meg of data go? Ozone! I was using EZCD Creator 5 and until this happened, was extremely satisfied with its performance. EZCD Creator was able to access the "missing" sessions (or so it seemed) and allowed me to export each one to my HD as an .ISO file. Once I had completed this, I abrated the CD surface to insure nobody else could get at my data. It then went into the trashcan. So far, so good. EZCD Creator also claims to be able to write a CD from an .ISO file which I did. However, though the burns were successful, the CD was unreadable by any cd drive. Oh-Oh... I searched the internet for information on extracting data from .ISO files to again try to recover my lost data. I found information on several applications (including yours). All (but yours) had some restrictions (if not registered) or failings associated with them. So, I tried yours first. It seemed the most promising. I launched your application (which said no media was present), but used the file menu and selected "Open image file". I attempted to open the .ISO files with no success. Appearently, they were corrupted. I attempted to read from the CDs burned from the .ISO files and they reported "pathtable" and "directory" errors. They could not be recovered. I was ready to give up. Then, I thought, what about the original CD? It had some surface damage, but perhaps I could recover something. So I tried it. I had nothing to lose. I recovered all 5 sessions without a problem. I did not even get any read errors which I really expected. I'm sure the CD drive had something to do with this, but without your software, it would not have been nearly enough. I registered and paid the price for your software the same day. Thanks a million! (Or more precisely, 285 million!)

    L. Wagner, San Diego,USA (IsoBuster: 5/5)

  • ... here's my story. I run windows 98se,i live in Egypt and over the years i'd always come across media ,cds in particular from friends etc that had files named in Arabic, sometimes in other Unicode or non-Latin based characters like Hebrew, or even Russian. normally the English version of 98 was unable to read/copy those kind of files , i'm aware that this is not a problem on other recent OS from Microsoft or other OS with localized/enabled languages features. due to frustration i sometimes would install other OS just to over come this particular problem even though I'm a very devoted 98se user. i faced this problem in floppy disks as well, but it was easily resolved with a program called gemxplor that was actually written to read files on Mac media from a windows platform. though the program worked perfectly with disks in converting those names into Latin based ,however it was not able to access files on cds because it always assumed the CDs to be scsi (Mac-formatted). anyways i tried everything for years to makes my 98se read those kind of files from cds, even replacing kernel and shell files from the Arabic enabled version of 98se or sometimes from windows me, only to render my machine unbootable in some cases and go through endless restorations of backups. i didn't want to install the Arabic version of 98 for updates/patches reasons, because not all ms patches were available to localized versions. eventually I'd give up, then every now and then i'd give it a try ..i always knew of IsoBuster but never thought of it to address that issue because my idea of IsoBuster was relating to iso/bin ripping only. today i was googling about unreadable media due to non-Latin file names and i came across IsoBuster. I was very skeptical and i wasn't getting my hopes up...i popped in one of my pc mag cds that had IsoBuster on it. installed it, then gave it a test on a cd that had all names in Arabic, IsoBuster converted the names to Latin and i'm now able to run them, copy and extract just like gemxplor does with floppies. I've tested IsoBuster with cds with Greek / Russian and Hebrew names and it works all the time. i am very grateful for this remarkable piece of software. thanks a lot!

    YK, Egypt (IsoBuster: 5/5)

  • Somebody gave me the 10-4 on your site in re: to ISO Buster. It is TOO COOL. I just burned a bunch of cds that would have taken me all night to correct errors and probably burn a couple of coasters, but ISO Buster did it all right the first time!!!

    c parker (IsoBuster: 5/5)

  • Great program, Keep up the good work

    VanHagar, Hampstead , maryland USA (IsoBuster: 5/5)

  • I just want to say the neat appz on your page are very kewl and helpful. ISO Buster safes a lot of my wasted data on CD. Were Windoz can't read the CD, ISO Buster still read everything...

    Floris Vink, Utrecht, Holland (IsoBuster: 5/5)

  • You really know your stuff. Thank you. I am very impressed

    Kevin, Chesapeake, VA USA (IsoBuster: 5/5)

This is a limited list. There are always more testimonials waiting to be put on the website and there are of course also the testimonials in other languages. To date, 191 IsoBuster testimonials have been put online with a 5/5 rating, not counting the official reviews. Feel free to leave your story here as well.