IsoBuster on Linux and Mac

IsoBuster is Windows software and hence needs to run in a Windows environment, but there are a few ways around that. Same for Linux and Mac OS, they can't natively run Windows applications, but like said, there are ways:

IsoBuster on Linux

Wine is a Windows emulator. As the name suggests it is not really Windows, but it emulates it. It is by far the best solution to run IsoBuster on Linux, you can get Wine here. To run IsoBuster 4.x on optical media you need at least Wine 4.12.

IsoBuster on Macintosh

On Mac there are a few different ways to go about this, depending on what kind of solution you prefer:

  • Booting Windows on your Mac

    Windows and Mac OS can both be installed on a Mac and you can switch between them using Boot Camp. However this requires a reboot every time, you need a valid Windows OS (and license) and you can only use one of the two operating systems at a time.

  • Run Windows inside the Mac OS

    There are two solutions (that I know of) that allow you to run Windows inside the Mac OS. In other words, you boot your Mac OS like normal, then you start Windows inside your Mac environment, and run programs inside the Windows environment. Basically you run IsoBuster on Windows that in turn runs on the Mac OS but with the help of special software: Parallels Desktop or VMware Fusion. Disadvantages are that you still need a valid Windows license and it may take a lot of resources (CPU and Memory) but other than that I really like solutions like this.

  • Emulate Windows on the Mac OS

    You can run a Windows emulator on your Mac. This is software that emulates Windows, it is not really Windows but it allows Windows software to run as it emulates Windows in the background so that the software thinks it is running on Windows and all calls to Windows processes seem to work for the software. A big advantage here is that you don't need a Windows license and the solution Wine is open source and FREE. The disadvantage is that this is more for advanced power users as it is not easy to set up.

    Here are two links to get you started: