Latest security warnings:

All systems are Heartbleed safe !

For your safety we checked and double checked, and verified it with Avangate that provides the back bone of your safe online purchase experience. "We have re-checked all our external-facing SSL-secured services against this vulnerability. None of the services related to the payment processing were found to be susceptible to this bug, as none of them were setup in a way to be ever vulnerable. This means that neither the private keys nor other sensitive information were leaked at any point of time due to this vulnerability, even to potential attackers that had knowledge of this exploit before its disclosure on April 7th 2014.". See: Avangate's press released on the HeartBleed bug for more information.

The poodle-vulnerability is a non-issue here !

However, the store,, does not support transactions anymore if done with IE6 on an XP system, for that reason and to avoid being exposed to the poodle-vulnerability.