Upgrade IsoBuster now!

If you purchased an older license for IsoBuster in the past then you are entitled to a 30% discount on the price of an IsoBuster 5.x license (*).

(*) You get free upgrades in a major version range (e.g. the 5.x range).

This promotion only runs for a limited period of time after the release of IsoBuster 5.0!

So you best act quickly to get your IsoBuster 5.x license with a 30% discount.

There are a few ways to claim your discount coupon and buy the IsoBuster 5.x license:

  • If you have a registered IsoBuster 1.x - 4.x Pro installed on a system that can go online, then simply over-install IsoBuster 5.x. Note: If you over-install, you loose the older version. Smart Projects does not offer downloads for older versions. But if you intend to upgrade to version 5.x then this is not a problem of course. Alternatively you can decide to install IsoBuster to another location (specify the path during the installation procedure). Next, when you start up IsoBuster 5.x, IsoBuster will detect the older license key and will propose to go online for you to buy a new license. If you agree to this, IsoBuster passes your ID to a script on this server and you are given your discount coupon together with a link to the sales page.
  • If you don't have an installed product anymore, and/or if you're not sure if the old key is still available on your system, you will have to find your old registration email. That is the email that was sent to you after purchase and which contains your purchase email address, ID and Key. Locate the email with that ID and proceed to the manual upgrade page.

If, for whatever reason, something doesn't seem right. E.g.: The wrong discount, no discount, etc. Don't hesitate to contact us!

The programming and scripts behind this page contain only the most basic logic to test the input IDs. The real test happens when you proceed to the checkout on the sales pages. This is to prevent malicious tools to try and exploit this page to find good IDs. Hence your personal ID cannot be misused and nobody else can claim your discount.