IsoBuster, Windows software to read data from Mac-formatted CD/DVD/BD discs, Hard disks, SSM and Flash cards (SD, MMC, Compact, USB stick, ...)

A powerful Macintosh-formatted CD, DVD, BD, Flash card, Hard Drive - HFS(+) disc reader for Windows.

IsoBuster supports the HFS and HFS+ file-systems which are used by Mac computers on all types of Mac formatted media, such as optical discs (CD, DVD, BD) as well as Flash media, floppies and Hard Drives of all types and makes. Apart from being able to deal with all sorts of media and all Windows based disc/disk file systems, IsoBuster also interprets HFS(+) which allows it to extract Mac files to a Windows PC. (*)

For optimal compatibility it is also possible to extract Mac files to Mac Binary files, so that they can be taken back (e.g. e-mailed) to a Macintosh machine. IsoBuster itself is not a Macintosh application, but a Windows application, although it works on Mac if used under the Virtual PC for Mac environment. For more details, especially for those with engineering desires, it may be interesting to browse through some help file articles on Mac related features:

Not unimportant is also that IsoBuster supports multiple partitions on Mac created discs/disks. They are shown immediately, after the disc is mounted. And last, but not least, Mac image files, e.g. *.iso and *.dmg files are opened as if they are actual floppies, CDs, DVDs or flash cards.

(*)This means the ability to copy Macintosh files to PC, convert Mac files to PC, read Mac files from Mac created/formatted discs on a Windows PC platform.

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