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IsoBuster 5.1 Crack is software to recover files and folders from all sorts of media, CD, DVD, HDD, SSD, USB etc. On top of that IsoBuster 5.1 Crack also opens a wide range of Image Files, ISO, DSK, VHDX, VDI, .. so that you can access and extract the files and folders that reside inside. Download IsoBuster 5.1 here.

Is it really worth the risk to use a cracked IsoBuster version ?

Cracked versions riddled with malware

Do you have any idea what you're getting into ?

As usual, after a release I had a look, and I was astounded by the amount of cracks being distributed. Not one of these IsoBuster cracks could even remotely be trusted. And I say 'remotely' because there's a difference between "with malware infected distributions" and "supposed clean cracks". Even with the latter you run a great risk, and I'll get into that momentarily.

All of the distributions I found were loaded with Trojans and Ransomware. For instance here are the results for three different type distributions I found. All the rest, at the time of this writing, were copies of, or variations on, the same:

And of course some people are running these cracked versions right now. OMG. I almost feel bad for them. Their systems don't belong to them anymore. They are now base stations for hackers, to run DDOS attacks from against reputable servers etc. They basically invited criminal activities inside their house. I hope they don't keep bitcoin wallets on their system. Actually, I do feel bad for them.

And while the above issue should be obvious, there's something else a lot of people don't seem to realize. A reputable program such as IsoBuster, released by its developer (me), properly digitally signed and distributed via its own website is safe. The author (me) does everything in his power to release a properly working, clean application. It gets peer reviewed (yes developers talk to each other), it is used by lots of reputable companies and law enforcement agencies, who tend to know what they're doing and it is digitally signed linking the author (me) to the work, so if I want to stay in business I better keep it clean.

And that makes sense because IsoBuster is very powerful software. To be able to access Hard Disks and Flash drives at a low level, IsoBuster needs 'elevated' rights (UAC). IsoBuster literally has access to all your data, it is designed to interpret and recover file systems by itself, it is designed to read and write to media at the lowest level, it has access to (and can change (for instance when making a Clone)) boot sectors, partition maps, file and folder data and so on.

And you allow all that functionality to happen from a hacked version ??

Think about it. A hacked version is an original IsoBuster version that has been changed. Its digital seal has been broken. Parts of the internal code and workings have been changed. And while the obvious change might be that it doesn't require a valid license key anymore, what about all the other changes that might have been made ? Why do you trust an anonymous hacker, who is quite possibly affiliated with some very dodgy people with all your data ? Your boot sectors, your partition data, your files, a connection to the internet, ...

I'm now giving you a moment to let that sink in ...

Download IsoBuster 5.1 Keygen

Why not support continued IsoBuster development instead of working towards a shut down ?

IsoBuster is my livelihood. It puts food on the table, puts my daughter through school, pays for the mortgage and keeps a roof over our heads.

Please be aware of your actions, they too determine the viability of this project. I have had to combat piracy for as long as IsoBuster exists now and it has had an enormous impact on sales and quite frankly on my motivation to keep doing this. It is emotionally wrecking to see so much abuse and disregard for my hard work. There are easier things to do to provide for your family. I have not missed a single day of providing support in the last 20 years and not too many people work the hours I do. And it's taking a toll, meanwhile I have eyes, wrists, fingers, shoulder and back problems. Don't get me wrong, I love working on IsoBuster, it started as a pet project, so there are a lot of emotions, pride and nostalgia involved as well. Giving it up would be hard. But one has to be realistic as well. So please support the project by buying a license rather than blatantly stealing it.

And yes, 40-50 bucks (rounded up) can seem a lot at times. But put it in perspective please. You get a license that works for life with no limitations on how often you use it. I mean ... skip just one night out with friends and buy an IsoBuster license instead. Not only will it be a cheap night, you'll get a license to use a product that works and is promptly supported with love. This way you'll actually support the project (and by extension me) and guarantee continued development.

I promise you, you will not regret it.

An appeal to the hackers and keygenners who think they're Robin Hood

Firstly I'm not the Sheriff of Nottingham nor Prince John, I'm the baker, the mason, the brewer, I work hard for my livelihood. And in many cases I've been Robin hood myself, by helping out people in need, but that's besides the point right now.

You have a skill, either through hard work or perhaps you're gifted (probably both). Frankly, you can do something I can't, I have no idea how to do it, so well done. And I truly can imagine the itch to try and crack a program, to make it do things you want it to do, such as not validate a license key for instance or lift some code out of it to put inside one of your own tools.

And if you can do this for yourself, I say well done, enjoy the functionality. But please resist the urge to score a few points with your peers. Brag about it if you must but don't share. Especially resist the urge to share it with the world. Because in the latter lies the problem.

You take away a threshold many people need. It's easier to quickly run a keygen than actually buy a license. And so, many people who would otherwise be persuaded to buy a license, get tempted and turn to an illegal version, never to look back afterwards. Please don't fool yourself by saying I got it covered because I included a note "Buy if you like". Come on, let's not insult our intelligence, you're better than that.

If you want to make a difference in a good way ? Teach me what to do to avoid cracks. Dissuade your peers and don't share your cracks or keygens with others, then at least the leeches that use your work to distribute Trojans and Ransomware will get stopped as well.

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Am I making sense ?

Of course you think I have every reason and motivation to scare the living daylights out of you, and you're right ! Of course I have, for obvious reasons, this is my livelihood. But none of the above is false or even exaggerated. It is the hard and scary truth ! Let that sink in for a minute.

Btw. if you practice safe computing, you best even avoid looking for such solutions. For Pete's sake download a properly signed and validated version. I can't believe Google is so malware-friendly. It offered me lots of possible places to go to in my brief quest to get some insight but I got bombarded by questionable scripts and applets and so on. At least I know what I'm doing (to some extent) but do you ?

Last, I wanted to share this comparable appeal to your good nature from a peer. I'm not the only one suffering.

Peter Van Hove, author of IsoBuster

An image says more than a thousand words:

Cracked versions riddled with malware