Buy IsoBuster License for resale purposes

Per the EULA your license is PRIVATE and NOT TRANSFERABLE, and as such you are not allowed to (re)sell your license. If you do, your license will be disabled and you will be held accountable.

If you are a corporate buyer or professional reseller, tasked with the purchase of a license for one of your customers, you can proceed here. But please follow these guidelines to guarantee a smooth process with as little as possible hiccups. If you don't use your customer's email address in the 'License to another person' fields for instance it may take a long time before it can be fixed.

Resellers / Buyers, please read and adhere to following guidelines:

  • There is no reseller discount but you are allowed to charge your customer a processing fee
  • Check the 'License to another person' option on following page
    (it will be checked already if you use below Continue/Buy button)
  • Put your customer's details in the two extra fields
  • Use your customer's email address in the licensee email field !!
    This is important because the email address is part of the license details
  • All emails, including the key, will be sent to you. Make sure to forward the key to your customer
  • Click the Continue button to proceed:

IsoBuster PRO Professional License

Continue to see the full price, set/change quantity, and/or to complete the actual purchase
Check the EULA for Professional use license details
  • If you are doing an upgrade for a customer who already has a license, ignore above link and go to the upgrade page instead.

Also FYI, from the FAQ: