Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. How long does it take for the key to arrive?

The key is sent via email and normally arrives within minutes after the purchase, but sometimes gremlins get in the system and things get a bit congested. In that case, please wait a little while longer (not hours of course, then obviously something is wrong and you should contact us) ?

If you have been waiting for quite a while already:

  • Please check your spam filter ! Is the email there ?
  • Did you use a correct, working, email address during the purchase ? (Avoid AOL and Comcast if you can, they are horrible and often don't deliver emails)
If you can't find your key or if you suspect an issue, any issue, contact us and we will help you as fast as possible.

Q. I lost my IsoBuster key, can you resend?

We can certainly try. Please provide as much details as possible. Use the email address you purchased the license with. State your name and if we need to look it up under a different email address provide data that helps us cross reference that data with the purchase data, so that we are sending the license to the rightful owner.

Contact us here and we will help you as fast as possible.

Q. I have a billing question, who do I contact?

You bought the product via an E-commerce provider / reseller, a company we work with to securely handle online financial transactions. It's best that you try to contact them first:

  • Try PayPro Global's 24/7 support. (only sales from August 2015 onward).
  • For sales before August 2015, try Avangate's Transaction Lookup System, or their 24/7 support. (only sales from February 2007 onward). PS. Meanwhile Avangate rebranded to 2CheckOut, but it's still the same company.

If this doesn't work out feel free to contact us, and our help desk will help you personally!

Q. I bought a license but can't seem to enter the code?

Please check this page about registration issues first before you contact us, it probably will explain things:

In case the problem appears to be topic 5 as described on previous page, then please contact us and clearly describe that topic 5 is the reason. Also provide the license details you received after the purchase. This will enable us to provide the best possible support.

Q. What's the difference between a Personal, Professional or Enterprise license?

Personal, Professional and Enterprise license details are explained here.

Q. What functionality is free and what functionality needs to be paid for?

Freeware vs Shareware etc. is explained here.

Q. How can I purchase a license as a reseller?

Check the reseller page for conditions and what to do.

Q. We are US gov tax exempt. What is the procedure to buy without tax?

Currently, the tax handling process for US customers requires that tax exempt documents are sent to PayPro Global's accounting team first at They then get back to you with instructions. PS an additional tooltip with this information is displayed on the checkout page (see screenshot).

Should you have made the purchase already, then please send your tax exempt documents to and ask for a refund of the taxes. Of course make sure to include your purchase ID and purchase email address.

Contact us in case of hiccups.

Q. How do I recover Video from a DVD that is not playing properly or hasn't been finalized?

To answer this question about Video Recovery you best start here.

Q. Are there examples on how to open HDD Video recorders and extract recordings?

There are. Please check these videos made for several supported HDD Video recorder models.

For a list of all currently supported recorders ...

Q. Is 'this' particular feature supported?

That's a tough one. There are so many features, file systems, devices, situations and oddities supported that it's not always evident to list them all or find a proper page to explain them.

A good place to start is the IsoBuster product page where quite a few features are listed. But the news section contains a wealth of information as well, especially in all the release notes for all versions that were ever released (remember, the last/current version accumulates all features). To avoid having to screen all release notes I suggest you Google the specific feature.

Q. Is there a manual?

I'm afraid not but all information can usually be found in the online help section or in tips and tricks.

Q. Does IsoBuster run on Mac? And what about Linux?

Not natively no, IsoBuster is Windows software.
However, you should check this page about Windows emulation on Mac and Linux.

Q. Can I install IsoBuster 'unattended' on Windows?

Yes, you can do an 'unattended' installation. To do that, use the /silent switch, e.g.:
IsoBuster_Install.exe /silent

You can find more information on Inno Setup installer switches here.

Q. Is there an MSI installer for IsoBuster?

No. The Windows installer is available as an .exe file. We don't have a .msi installer, but we understand it is possible to repackage the .exe as a .msi using EMCO MSI Package Builder

Q. What is the ECCN for IsoBuster?

The Export Control Classification Number (ECCN) for IsoBuster is EAR99 (encryption functionality limited to intellectual property or copyright protection functions).

Q. Is there a W9 form for IsoBuster?

No. But you can download the W8 form here, signed by PayPro Global inc., the eCommerce provider

Q. There's something strange in my neighborhood, who do I call?

If there's something weird and it don't look good, ... GhostBusters !

Q. I can't seem to find an answer here, what do I do?

Contact us and we will try to help you as fast as possible.