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Is it worth the risk?

Many "crack" sites offer a free "registered" (i.e. purportedly pirated) version of the software that is actually a "Trojan horse". Such programs are not always detected by anti-virus programs since they are not actual viruses. Yet they can let the pirate take over your computer, transmit or corrupt your files, steal your passwords, take over your online banking or even erase your hard disk.

Consider this: if the crackers are into stealing the software, or generate illegal registrations or unlock codes, how likely is it that they have your best interests at heart? They don't seem to care about much and operate on the dark side of the law.

If you practice safe computing, you'd best avoid "serial", "cracks", "warez", "appz" and "keygen" sites. Even visiting these sites often exposes you to "sploits" (exploits), which attempt to take over your web browser and/or computer.

Don't say we didn't warn you!


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